A Beginner’s Guide to Auto Coaching

The auto industry, like many others, has experienced growth and changes in the past decade or so. Not only do you need to understand how to market your dealership effectively, but you also need to understand the trends of your clients. The best way to keep up with all of this is by reaching out to an auto coach. Who can help you make sense of it all? With their help, you’ll be able to create and implement a plan that will ensure the success of your business while achieving your personal goals. Here’s what you should know about auto coaching before engaging in it yourself.

What is Coaching?

To effectively coach clients, we need to understand what coaching is and what it isn’t. Coaching is not telling clients how you would do things differently if you were in their shoes. It’s not yelling at them for getting in your way. It’s not even giving them advice and telling them what they should be doing. Rather, coaching is all about listening, understanding, and helping clients reach their full potential by offering direct yet kind feedback.

Why Do You Need A Coach?

If you’re like many auto mechanics out there, you’ve likely been working for yourself for years. And that’s great! You might not need a coach. 

Coaches are trained to look at all aspects of their client’s business—not just their automotive knowledge. They guide inventory management strategies to sales processes and marketing plans. Sometimes they come in as interim help when business is booming or simply as an additional pair of eyes when times are tough. Let’s face it: if we want to make progress in our careers, we need people around us who know what they’re doing — even if they aren’t as experienced as us — because they know things we don’t know yet.

How Do I Become A Coach?

As mentioned earlier, most training is done in person at one of our two hubs in San Francisco and New York City. However, if you don’t live nearby, we offer to coach from anywhere in the world using video conferencing software and HD video cameras. The process starts with an initial evaluation to identify your strengths and development areas. From there, we’ll schedule weekly appointments for thirty minutes each with a dedicated coach who will help you set targets and track your progress as you follow through on them.

Where Can I Get The Best Advice on Becoming An Auto Coach?

Start with what you know. You probably have one or two people who have been through coaching before, especially if you’re just getting started. Do you know a friend or co-worker member who was recently in training? Ask them for advice. You don’t even need to ask directly; just follow their lead. If they keep talking about how much they learned from their coach, the chances are good that they are on top of things when it comes to giving advice on finding and working with an auto coach. And if your confidant doesn’t offer any pointers for you, give him or her a gentle nudge by asking, 

How Did You Find Your Auto Coach?

Later, work up to asking more specific questions about what kind of coach to look for and other topics related to hiring an auto coach. When interviewing candidates: If possible, schedule some time with each prospective coach face-to-face, during which you can gauge their style and methods. Do they seem knowledgeable? Or maybe too salesy? Most coaches will be quite happy to meet with clients interested in hiring them—it shows they’re serious about their business.

How Much Does It Cost To Be An Auto Coaching?

It’s hard to give an accurate answer because there are so many different types of coaching. However, in my experience as a freelancer who does auto coaching, I can say that you can charge anything from $15 for an hourly consultation up to thousands of dollars per month for ongoing coaching/consulting/mentoring. It depends on your business and how much training you have in various industries, but generally speaking, it will be more if you don’t already have some expertise or training. So if you’re starting as a coach and aren’t sure how much others charge in your particular niche… know that it could be anywhere from less than $100 per hour up to a few thousand!

How Do I Find Customers as An Auto Coaching?

First and foremost, any auto coach needs to figure out how to get business. Some auto coaches decide on a network marketing approach to build a team of associates who will also make money as auto coaches. Others choose a more direct approach by reaching out to local businesses and offering their services. Still, others prefer to go it alone, setting up shop at places like flea markets and malls in order to drum up some word-of-mouth business. Ultimately, your decision here is going to depend on what makes sense for you—your comfort level with asking strangers for referrals might lead you one way, while your familiarity with local businesses might point you in another direction.

What Qualifications Are Needed To Be An Auto Coach?

The job qualifications in the auto industry are different from company to company. A coach will typically have a bachelor’s degree or possibly an associate degree in automotive technology, but that is not always required. Some companies will not require any formal education; instead, they look for years of experience working with cars. At one company I worked for, some of our coaches never even finished high school and still managed to do an excellent job teaching students how to work on vehicles.

They may want you to have some knowledge about vehicle mechanics (if you don’t already). So be prepared for some schooling if you can’t prove your expertise with hands-on training and experience at another repair shop or dealership. The most important thing, though, is communicating well with people.

What Will My First Customer Think When They Talk With Me as An Auto Coach?

Most auto coaching businesses begin with a sales pitch—you’re calling your first potential customer. The sale can be either in person or over the phone, but you mustn’t come across as a used car salesman in either case. When making your pitch, always remember that you are looking for long-term success and repeat business from your clients. Make sure they know what they will get by working with you and how much time and energy it will require. Once they’ve accepted your offer (and paid their first fee), don’t let on that you are panicking inside; just take a deep breath, relax and be grateful for their decision to trust you with helping them create a better life for themselves!

Should I Buy Used or New Equipment as An Auto Coach?

Whether you’re looking for your first auto coaching business or thinking about expanding your business. It’s important to consider which equipment is right for you. One of the most common mistakes that new coaches make is assuming they need all new equipment to succeed. 

Which Technology Should I Use as An Auto Coach?

Technology is a hot topic in most auto industries. Suppose you’re just starting as an auto coach. Since its invention, technology has improved auto coaching and can help teach someone new concepts and ways of doing things. However, using technology can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. To figure out which technology will work best for your business, think about your goals and what steps you need to take to achieve your goal. 

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