A Guide On Choosing The Perfect Lehenga During This Pandemic

The year 2020 is nothing like we had imagined it would be on the New Year’s Eve. Indian Weddings are filled with a chain reaction of ceremonies and uncountable wedding invitations. However, due to the pandemic, the number of guests to be invited has lessened and the event has turned out to be an intimate wedding. Even the bridal look, that is, the choice of the perfect bridal lehenga has transformed accordingly.

How can you buy your perfect lehenga?

There would not be a celebration or an occasion like a wedding on a large scale from now onwards because of the consciousness about maintaining social distancing. So, there is no point in investing a huge sum of money on a bridal design that wouldn’t be worn later on.

The financial crisis has increased during this epidemic. So, why should you invest in a designer lehenga when you can invest the same money for economic stability in the family. Choose your bridal lehenga design according to your affordability.

Try to go through the bridal lehenga collection in your local boutique and support your local craftsmen by buying their latest bridal lehenga. Also, if going out on a limb is not possible, then find online stores that promote awareness of the skills of local artisans during the period of global crisis.

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What can a bride wear during this pandemic?

This epidemic has resulted in the temporary end of couture. A simple and classic look is being favoured by all brides. The brides are choosing to buy bridal lehenga online because that is an easy way to flip through hundreds of options.

Since the pandemic has awakened us up from a bubble, those brides who have chosen to have a wedding during this pandemic are opting for a lightweight bridal lehenga design.

Brides have realized the socio-economic condition of the world. Hence, at their end, there is no inclination towards buying over-the-top lehengas, rather, they are willing to wear a minimalistic bridal lehenga.

Why traditional bridal lehenga?

The wedding might be on a smaller scale but brides shouldn’t compromise with their wedding look. Then again, since it is an intimate wedding, there is no pressure on the bride to look magnificent. Mellow weddings are more about comfort and ease. So, you can wear a timeless red bridal lehenga or a modern bridal lehenga or silk lehenga with minimal gold embellishment weaved by your local craftsmen.

During ceremonies that take place in the daytime, brides can wear a long monochromatic or embroidered lehenga like a skirt with a simple yet sophisticated designer blouse.

Brides, in the time of hurdle, are now flipping through the bridal lehenga collection that has a classic tone of either silver or emerald.

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The mistakes that should be avoided while choosing a perfect lehenga

Wedding shopping, in all normality, can be overwhelming. Upon this now, we are going through an apocalypse and that has hindered the way to-be-brides shop for their perfect lehenga. Certain ground rules have to be considered when you pick up a lehenga, be it virtually or not.

  • Never buy an outdated bridal lehenga

    There is no rush to start whining over buying wedding attires just after the date has been finalized. Do some research, do some digging on Google, and make a list of all the latest lehenga designs. The entire process of deciding upon or finalizing a latest bridal lehenga needs to be time taking if not anything else.

  • Keep an open mind while shopping

    Don’t get stuck to one idea of a wedding look. You can flip through as many options as you can until your eyes fall on the one that is the perfect match for you. Never hang on to one minimalist lehenga or one latest bridal lehenga when you are shopping virtually. In virtual reality, there are so many alternatives to be explored if you just spend some time scrolling.

  • The timeless quality of your bridal lehenga

    There is a difference in choosing to follow a trend randomly and choosing to follow a trend wisely. When you look back to the wedding photos, your first instinct should be to recognize the power of standstill time captured in the weaving of your lehenga.

  • Body type is the parameter, to begin with

    Bridal lehenga of all colours and bridal lehenga of all patterns don’t suit every body type and skin colour. Further details on this are listed down:

    1. Apple Body Type Lehenga Designs –

      If you have a heavy upper body, then opt for circular bridal lehenga designs which will be paired with a full-sleeve blouse.

    2. Pear Shaped Body Type Lehenga Designs

      Brides and bridesmaids, usually, choose to wear a line lehenga that imposes no specific limitation on the design of their upper bodies.

    3. Curvy Shaped Body Type Lehenga Designs

      To all the curvy bodied brides or her wonderful maid of honours, please forbid yourself from buying densely layered lehengas. Instead, brides, as well as the important bridesmaids, must go for a dark monochromatic lehenga with a line pattern.

  • Have an eye for noticing details

    Choosing your minimalist bridal lehenga or any red or golden bridal lehenga virtually can be tricky. Take your time and have a look at the material used, the fabric used, and the types of heavy or light embroidery used. You must read all the product details given in the description boxes, or you can call up the boutique or the online site from where you are buying it.

  • A perfect lehenga look is incomplete without a matching bridal mask

    Having a wedding during a pandemic signifies that love, eventually, finds one way or the other to bring about a union of two souls. Every bride choosing the perfect lehenga from all the latest lehenga designs during COVID are considering wearing a similar shaded or designed bridal mask.

  • Less is more for now

    Keeping the wedding lehenga design and weight minimal does sound good when your entire wedding during COVID has become the epitome of minimalism. Indian designers like – Karan Torani, Sunaina Khera, Kresha Bajaj and Masaba Gupta are the new ambassadors of ‘less is more’ latest lehenga designs. Hence, we suggest you embrace the entire nuance of going minimally sophisticated.

A wedding during an epidemic has started a new trend of wearing matching masks along with the lehengas. This trend, unfortunately, will last for a while. From mermaid cut bridal lehenga to a lehenga with gold embellishments, the choices are endless during lehenga online shopping.

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