A Guide On The Parts Of The Tyres

What are the two main factors that should be considered while you are driving your vehicle? Safety and comfort are the two direct factors that affect every other factor on the road. The manufacturers also design the tyres keeping these points into consideration.

As simple as the tyres look, they have a major complex manufacturing process. They take a lot of time and attentiveness to get their final product. There are so many different kinds of Tyres Brownhills garages. Here is detailed information about the parts and the process that is followed in the manufacturing of the tyres.

The Parts of  Tyres

The tyres are designed with a number of parts. Each part has different roles while running on the road. Here are some of those parts of tyres mentioned below-

  • Beads

    Tyre beads can be manufactured from brass, bronze or copper. They hold the tyres to the rim of the wheel. These are to provide rigidity and help your tyres to not move out of the wheel frame while rolling.

  • Belt

    The belts are generally made from the steel, hence it is woven by beating the steel and converting it into steel sheet. These are known to provide strength and are placed by getting mixed with the rubber. The belts also contain over cords. These cords are meant to provide extra durability, increase puncture resistance and much more.

  • Plies

    These tend to support the body of the tyre. They are just the fabric layer coated on the body of the tyre. The use of fabric cords is to weave the plies of the tyres. The main role of the plies is to support and provide flexibility to the tyres while running. The ‘carcass’ ply is a famous name in the market of plies. These plies are placed at the inner side. They are known to help you get better strength for your tyres.

  • Sidewalls

    The sidewalls are a very familiar part of any tyre. You too must have heard about it often, when talking about the parts of tyres. The sidewalls are manufactured with extra-thick rubber and they are designed to run over the beads. Usually, the manufacturers print all the information about the brand.

  • Groove and Slip

    To disperse between the water and the mud, the grooves are designed. Talking about the slip, their main purpose is to increase the grip on wet or icy paths. These are found on the tread of the tyres.

  • Shoulders

    The shoulders are located at the place where the edge of the tyres and the sidewalls come together. These are just like small bevelled edges designed on the body of tyres.

  • Tread

    The tread designs are manufactured to provide grip to the tyres. They are designed differently based on the type of tyre and the need of the vehicle. With the different tread pattern Car Tyres Cannock, streets tend to give different driving experiences.

Manufacturing of  Tyres

The manufacturing of tyres needs some further processes to fix the above parts in the tyres. Some of those processes are as followed-

  • Blend

    This is the first process that includes the mixing of all required ingredients together. It is to create black gummy material for the manufacturing of the body of the tyres.

  • Mill

    Once the process of blending is done, the tyres are cut in small strips to prepare it into different forms for the different parts of tyres.

  • Build

    The different parts of the vehicle such as belts and beads are built in the black material to be fixed in the tyres.

  • Cure

    This process is used to fix the positions of the tyre’s parts by compressing it.

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