A Mini Guide To Buy Eternity Ring For Your Wedding

A wedding marks the day when couples declare their love for each other for all eternity. It is a day of a new beginning, a new journey. A new endeavour marked with long-lasting love and passion for the newly minted pair of love birds. The importance and the significance of the day is the very reason why a token of love is important to seal the deal. And what is a better token than a diamond eternity band for your eternal love?

Eternity bands or rings are elegant and meaningful jewelry items. They are useful for various occasions. But, they are most commonly used as a wedding band, anniversary band or for other such special occasions drenched with love and commitment. It is quite fitting really, as it symbolised those exact same things. This piece of jewelry usually features stones, often diamonds set in 360 degrees of sparkle. Diamonds represent strength, love and health. Combine that with the all-around setting of the stones and you get a perfect representation of the love and life that is to come.

So now that we understand the intentions and implications of a diamond eternity band. The question arises, how to select one because the options are endless. 

Don’t worry about it, as we have prepared a mini guide to buy an eternity ring for your wedding. Let us walk you through the process of selecting that one exceptional piece of ornament that will stay with you forever.

Eternity Band

  1. Select The Diamond

The diamond is the essence of an eternity ring. Without it, the ring loses most of its meaning. So it is of the utmost importance to select the impeccably pristine diamond that is the soul of the ring. An eternity band mostly comprises 14 mini-sized diamonds. The reason for it being small in size is because it goes all around the finger. Having big stones will make it an uncomfortable fit. No authority can grade or certify them because of their size. Doing it will increase the overall price to an astounding amount. 

So it is paramount to buy it from a trusted seller. The Sabrina A, a jewelry store los angeles will be able to provide a guaranteed, good quality diamond eternity band for your loved one. The diamonds also come in different shapes, the square being the most common. Rounds are usually used for smaller rings. However, it is not uncommon for jewelers to combine different sizes and shapes. So, close your eyes and select the one which speaks to you the most.

  1. Select The Setting

Now that we have covered the main material of the ring, it is time to talk about how they are set. The expensive and exquisite nature of an eternity band comes not from the diamond but from how they are set. 

These pieces of jewelry come in a wide variety of settings and designs. The most common being the channel, bezel, flush, and prong setting styles. Different settings also create different looks and feel. They are done in such a way that the optimum amount of light can bounce off and create a shimmer like none other. This sparkle of brilliance will help shine a light for all the inevitable dark times ahead and give you hope and faith.

  1. Select Metal, Size And Design

Even though diamond is the showstopper in a diamond eternity band, the metal holding it together is equally important. It not only holds the whole thing together but also complements the stones by being of varying colors. They come in platinum, gold, rose gold etc. Since it is a guide for your wedding ring, select one that will match up with your outfit and the overall aesthetics.

Before we talk about designs, let’s discuss size for a little bit, because they are equally important. This is the ring you will be wearing for the rest of your blissful life. So, choosing one that isn’t too big or heavy will help in getting a graceful look while keeping you comfortable throughout your daily hustle and bustle.

Now comes the design. For this, don’t follow any guide, or listen to anyone else. Designs are a very personalized thing. What is desirable to someone else may not be desirable to you. So, think about what you prefer, play around with different metal and diamond combinations or add another extra row of diamonds. 

Anything is possible, just think mindfully and decide, because this decision will stick with you till the end of the line. Still, confused? go here, jewelry store los Angeles and see all the options available to you with a click of a button.

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