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Here’s a wonderful news report for you! Acronis Cyber Cloud Protect is now available.

With this amazing product, you will get a great deal – under one single umbrella. Data protection and backup, disaster recovery, latest anti-malware, anti-virus, cybersecurity, and management tools…the list of benefits is, indeed, long.

Acronis Cyber Cloud Protect is the first cyber protection product that you will find today. It provides AI-powered integration of data protection and cybersecurity. It allows you to dodge all kinds of newest cyber threats that lurk today.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud features one all-included licensing model, 1 agent 1 backend, 1 management console, 1 user interface. It also features a relatively high level of integration – sharing data and automating actions.

The object: to remarkably boost the safety & security for endpoint and edge gadgets, with different attractive features, for a wide-ranging cyber protection device.

The maker of the security software knows that it may not be possible to give 100% security. In case some kind of risk hoodwinks your security, you can at least take some decisive actions. You can restore your affected data, applications, and systems–rapidly and successfully.

Acronis Cyber Protect makes certain that you have the most recent patches installed so that your remote workers remain well protected.

Acronis gives the protection of the most vulnerable edge infrastructure and endpoints a priority.

With this vast range of benefits, the solution–no wonder–enables businesses to handle their statistics safely. Now no need to apply governance plans to numerous infrastructures physically!

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 9.0 Features

Continuous data protection, safe recovery, malware scans in Acronis cloud, effective protection plan, and guaranteed patching…these are just some of the most striking features of the powerful solution.

In addition, it also includes backup Information for forensic analysis, data compliance reporting, and data protection maps.

The product’s latest edition has many restructured features so that you stay well protected against all kinds of old and newer nasty viruses & actions.

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Now the features in detail!

  • Helps with Auto-discovery of New Machines & Remote Installation

    The product makes the entire procedure of the installation of several agents in the cloud, and also on-premise, an easy affair. With network-based and Active Directory-based discovery, you can remotely install and execute protection plans. And, keep your customers 100% safe, and well protected.

  • Offers Vulnerability Appraisal (Windows/Linux)

    It keeps your customers safer. It does so via spotting and remediating the different vulnerabilities, plaguing their computers. Make certain that all applications and operating systems are up-to-date. And, then, take action and remediate–right away–so that you stay ahead of cybercrooks.

  • Fixes problems even before these emerge

    The product gives you flexible reboot and windows maintenance options, Auto-approval of updated patches, Manual and staged deployment of patches. It also duly supports windows desktop & servers.

  • Gives Anti-malware Protection

    It also stops to restore the different infected files from backups.

    Via scanning full-disk backups, at a centralized position, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offers protection on shared data. It also helps you locate malware so that you can bring back a 100% clean backup that doesn’t have malware.

    It also helps you with the Auto-removal of the files quarantined.

  • Helps with Safe-Recovery

    The Operating System image or applications in the backup may have certain vulnerabilities. It may bring back infections if malware still lurks secretly. Thanks to the patching the machine, and applying the latest antimalware definitions, you can bring back the OS image, with the most recent patches.

  • Helps with Disk Health Examination

    With this product, you can stay safe from erratic data loss. You can also avoid all problems, and also makeup time better. You can do it by keeping a tab on the drive health status. You can take the required defensive steps to protect your customers’ valuable statistics.

  • Provides Anti-virus Management Facilities

    The product makes certain that you have the latest versions of antivirus on every gadget. It gathers every windows defender detection event and shows them to you. It also removes intricacies while making certain that the Windows Defender is appropriately configured.

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