Add These Healthy Fishes To Your Diet

A fish dish? Great idea! Well, fishes are one of the best protein and fatty acids sources, which are healthy. Compared to meat, fish is a much safer option when animal protein is considered. People eat fish because they like it. The Brits eat fish because they love it. If the UK is compared to other Western countries, it will be revealed that Britishers have an increased fondness for fish and recipes with them.

People who want to replace meat from their diets for health concerns have also reported fish as a healthy alternative. A roast dinner can again be made with fishes that turn the dish exotic, interesting, and healthy on Sundays.

The NHS Website states:

“Oily fish contains long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. Long-chain omega-3 can help to prevent heart disease. It is also important for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, because it can help a baby’s nervous system to develop.”

It must be stated that the UK is home to various fishes. Visiting the supermarket, you could find almost thousands of species. To know what kids of these fishes are good for health and the ones, which aren’t.

Fishes You Can add to Your Diet to Gain Better Health

While collecting the urgent loans in Ireland, you can pay a visit to the nearby malls or supermarkets to hunt for fish. However, we can start the discussion on a strict note. Due to environmental and general ocean pollution, some fishes have got to be the victim of mercury contamination. The body cells of these fishes have got high levels of mercury. That can be seriously damaging for the human body and might cause fatal issues.

Children are strictly advised not to consume even a piece of mercury-contaminated foods and what are some of these dangerous mercury high fishes?

  • King Mackerel
  • Market Produced or Farmed Salmons
  • Swordfish
  • Shark
  • Tilefish
  • Tilapia
  • Pangasius

These fishes might create a lot of problems in the body. Some of the might be irrecoverable. Instead, you might stick to these healthy fishes:

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Cod
  • Herring
  • Sardines
  • Tuna
  • Wild Caught Salmon
  • Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock

Interested in them? Then, let us know about them a little bit.

Rainbow Trout

They say that wild-caught fishes are always healthy. As a matter of fact, they are. But, not all of them might be so as some of them can live in water, that’s home to lots and lots of bacteria and other microbes. Besides, trout is a river fish that stays in the murky river water. Such water has a good portion of muddy soil in its granular form. Farm grown trout can be a great alternative. They are very healthy. Prepare different kinds of preparations with them today and surprise your family with dinner.


Protein is the reason fish are consumed at a reasonable rate all over the world. Cod is that kind of fish that is rich in protein. It is a very tasty fish and is used as the ingredient for good home-cooked meals or gourmet cuisines. It is also filled with other nutrients such as niacin and Phosphorus (not to mention Vitamin B-12). Once you cook a serving of Cod, it might offer you a solid 15 to 20 grams of protein. Buy a Cod or two today using some of the money you took out as a doorstep loan in Dublin a few minutes ago.


There is one thing, though, with this fish! Since it is high in Sodium, you need to consume it in moderation. People with high Blood Pressure; Hypertension; Diabetes, and Cholesterol are advised to talk to their GPs about eating the fish. But, it is basically a healthy fish. Also considered a good choice for kids, Herring can be cooked in different styles, such as the Mediterranean style. So, experiment with Herring. But, keep an eye out for your health.


An all-time favourite for the Westerners (and in many other countries of the world), Sardine is a power-packed food option for almost all ages.


Did you know that Sardines are counted in as fishes having anti-cancer properties?

Well, they are pretty healthy. You can dress them up for tomorrow’s sandwich or prepare a delicious salad with them. Or you can make a special curry for dinner. It is reported that canned sardines are better than most other sardines as one eats the skin and bones with the canned version. And that is good!


Wait! You can eat them. But you might need to avoid some of them for high mercury consumption. And those unhealthy species of Tuna are:

  • Ahi Tuna
  • Albacore Tuna
  • Yellowfin Tuna

When choosing a Tuna, you can go with chunk light versions. This option applies to canned fish. When you purchase one whole, check its skin. It must be glossy. There must not be any sign of dull, matted colour in the skin. It should also smell fresh as if it had been caught a few moments earlier from the ocean. Now, you can bring it home and enjoy your sandwich or salad.

Wild Caught Salmon

Have you ever watched the BBC Earth or National Geographic clippings where the big, brown Grizzly Bear eats the fishes that jump from the river to reach a higher slope? They are wild salmons. Farm grown salmons are the complete opposites. They have a lot of harmful chemicals such as pesticides in their flesh due to being an artificial environment where they grow up. Salmon is one of the super nutritious fish. But, getting the right one can be a bit of a challenge. If you go camping, then you might take in your fishing rod and catch a bunch of them.

To Conclude

You can eat at least 2 servings of fishes per week. In case your GP asks you to eat more, then you might. People going to the gym have also reported that eating more fish in a week has significantly developed their muscle growth. So, go ahead. Finish counting up the amount you took out as a doorstep loan in Dublin and go to the supermarket to buy any of these fishes mentioned here. Or you can choose other healthy fishes of your choice.

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