Advantages of studying MBBS Abroad (Country-Wise) | Report 2020

The stiff competition every year for a seat in top medical University/College is making students furious. Every student dream is to study in a world-class institution and get high standards of education which might not be possible in private colleges. But alternatively, you can go to an international university.

Also, some countries like if you to study MBBS in China, they have high standards of education with low tuition fee system.

Here is a list of advantages of country-wise MBBS universities and their top ones where you can apply for the MBBS course:-

MBBS Universities in Bangladesh

Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Course duration: 5 years + 1 year of internship
  • All Universities are MCI approved
  • Course Fee is around 15-25 lacs.
  • Food, language, and culture are somewhat similar to India.

Top Universities of Bangladesh

S.NoCountryName of the University/College
1BangladeshGono Bishwabiddalay, Bangladesh
2BangladeshShah Jalal Uni. of Science & Technolony, Sylhet
3BangladeshUniversity of Chittagong
4BangladeshUniversity of Dhaka
5BangladeshUniversity of Rajshahi
6BangladeshUniversity of Science & Technology, Chittagong

MBBS Universities in China

Advantages of studying MBBS in China

  • Course Duration: 5years + 1 year of internship which is valid for Indian medical practice
  • WHO and MCI approved universities
  • 45 MCI approved Medical universities are there which are taught only in English.
  • Course fee is around 20-30 lacs.

Top Universities of China

S.NoCountryName of the University/College
1ChinaJilin University
2ChinaChina Medical University
3ChinaDalian Medical University
4ChinaCapital Medical University
5ChinaSouthern Medical University
6ChinaTongji University
7ChinaSouthwest Medical University
8ChinaXiamen University

MBBS Universities in Philippines

Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

  • Course duration: 6 years of MBBS course
  • Base Language communication is English
  • Affordable course fee and good-standard of living
  • MCI approved universities with high quality of education

Top universities of Philippines

S.NoCountryName of the University/College
1PhilippinesAMA School of Medicine
2PhilippinesAngeles University Foundation
3PhilippinesAteneo de Zamboanga University
4PhilippinesBaguio Central University
6PhilippinesCagayan State University Tuguegarao (Carig)
7PhilippinesCebu Doctors University College of Medicine
8PhilippinesCebu Institute of Medicine
9PhilippinesCentral Philippine University
10PhilippinesDavao Medical School Foundation

MBBS Universities in Russia

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

  • Course duration: 5 years + 1 year of compulsory internship.
  • All MCI approved universities are Russian government-funded, therefore, cost of course is very low around 5 lacs yearly.
  • Coaching for MCI screening test is also available.
  • High standards of living for students and western quality education system.

Top Universities in Russia

S.NoCountryName of the University/College
1RussiaThe Belgorod State University
2RussiaThe Chechen State University
3RussiaI.N. Ulyanov University
4RussiaThe First Moscow State Medical University
5RussiaThe First St. Petersburg State Medical University
6RussiaG.R. Derzhavin University
7RussiaTula State University
8RussiaTver State Medical University
9RussiaTyumen State Medical University
10RussiaUlyanovsk College of Pharmacy

MBBS Universities in USA

Advantages of studying MBBS in the USA

  • Course Duration: 4 years
  • Students can study in top universities in the world
  • MCI screening test is not required if you pursue MBBS from MCI approved universities  in the USA
  • Part-time job opportunities are given to the students who had taken loans to study in the USA.

Top Universities in the USA

S.NoCountryName of the University/College
1USAAmerican Board of Emergency Medicine
2USAAmerican Board of Family Medicine
3USAAmerican Board of Hospic and Palliative Medicine
4USAAmerican Board of Internal Medicine
5USAAmerican Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
6USAAmerican board of Thoracic Surgery
7USAUniversity of Southern California
8USAUniversity of Tennessee Health Science Centre


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