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The Walking Dead has been a constant hit ever since fans got their first glimpse back in 2010. Almost a decade later, the hype and love for this unusual and exciting television series have only multiplied. Every year before Halloween, the search for Leather Halloween Costume picks up speed right from the start of August.

The long-running horror TV show has everything one needs for a killer Halloween. From zombies to gore, the props, makeup, and attires are spot-on for All Hallows’ Eve. Whether you want an elaborate costume or a simple one with lots of effects, this series is the perfect place to get the deadly inspirations.

Alicia Clark – The Survivor 

The main protagonist of the first six seasons, Alicia Clark, is not your average moody teenager. She lost her father quite early in life that already matured her but not enough for the apocalypse. She is highly driven and will do whatever she has her heart and mindset.

Even though she was deeply disturbed after losing her father, she grew up to be a successful girl rather than a mess. Her brother, Nick, was another story and at odds with his sister for most of the series. Whether it was intimate relationships or academia, she excelled in every aspect, gaining lots of positive comments from the fans and critics.

Her brother became an addict, her boyfriend ending up dead and bitten, and all events justify their scars on her personality. If you are looking for a strong yet emotionally vulnerable character, Alicia should be your first pick. From her top layers to her footwear, every item carries a class of its own!

Felix Carlucci – Fierce and Skilled  

He is the deuterogamist of the series who survives the outbreak successfully! He is a man of his word with fierce and brute force. He will never shy away from standing up for someone or fighting for others. He switched families when he came out of the closet. He was only twenty when the outbreak happened!

He later became an officer and instructor for security and combat. The blackout sleeve tattoo on his justify arm makes shim standout among the lot. Go for this character only if you are ready to show some brute skills. The role is full of power and bravery! You can win the game with his iconic style.

Rosita Espinosa – Reckless yet Powerful 

Rosita is a survivor and a main character in the series. She adopts a reckless persona and transforms into a careless person after experiencing the death of a friend. It takes some time for this young girl to develop some sane qualities and go back to helping the community with a positive mindset.

She stands out among the crowds of survivors for being super brave, aggressive, and capable. Her sassy attitude is not easy to resist, while her hot-headed personality often brings her in the middle of the fire. She is tough as nails from the outside, but she still has a soft corner for her group members. She can harbor grudges and work for vengeance but possess a genius mind!

You can revel in the limelight if you decide on carrying her personality. She attracts the crowds, and the same can be expected from her costume. The gorgeous character is fiery and stylish. Her rugged and tough style makes her a badass combatant!

Negan – The Leader 

One of the main characters in the series, Negan, is a former antagonist with many potentials. He survived the outbreak and led the Survivors. He did his best to ensure protection from the walkers for his people. He spent quite a long time imprisoned in jail, where he escaped when the guard made a mistake in closing the door.

He evaluates his chances like a true leader and decides he is better safe in his cell, knowing some people now. After a complex ride, he is at last given a position in the community where he again becomes the primary antagonist in season 7 and season 8. He is your ideal borderline anti-hero!

If you plan on being a hardcore dude with some resemblance to the iconic vintage biker gangs, then Negan Leather Jacket is your perfect match. Get your adrenaline fix, and rowdy looks all set for the upcoming event and showcase the badass hiding inside you!

The four most kickass characters from The Walking Dead are no the only ones you can get the inspiration from. With every new season, some new members join the cast and bring characters to life. Choose the one who resonates the most with your situation and avoid unnecessary details. Halloween is not about being prim and proper but going full wild!

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