Are Treadmills the Best Fitness Machines for Burning Calories?

We explain why the treadmills are configured as the great allies of those users who want to lose weight and burn calories with fitness machines .

Now that summer is just around the corner, surely many of the members of your club have decided to join any of the directed activities or workouts at your center with series of cardio exercises that help them lose weight and tone their muscles. . As a director or coach, you know that sessions on fitness machines such as treadmills are also perfect to meet this goal, but do your clients know this?

Here are the reasons why these cardio machines are the ideal companions for your facility partners to lose weight and burn calories. Let them know and help them reach their goals with our tips for running properly and efficiently in these stations.

Today the variety of gym classes and machines that exist in sports centers is almost limitless. A user can select from among all the fitness equipment and services of the center which training is the most suitable for him or her, depending on the time available, objectives and, of course, their tastes. During this time close to the summer months, many members decide to invest their days in incorporating cardio exercises into the same; Its purpose? Achieve one of the goals that is on everyone’s lips these days: burn calories, lose fat and tone every muscle in the body.

Directed activities such as indoor cycling are very effective to achieve this goal, but in addition to the traditional group classes in which cardio is the protagonist, gyms have excellent tools, highly demanded although not so valued for this task: the treadmills of running .

It is true that, to lose weight, it is not enough to get on the equipment and walk. The formula is to combine good habits and a personalized and effective methodology. Changing the rhythm, positions and sequences is essential and for this it is necessary to have treadmills that allow you to vary the degree of incline of the machine and its speed and intensity during exercise. Walking, jogging and running sideways, performing a work system based on HIIT or interval exercise, and moving your arms accompanying the movement during exercise are other recommendations that you can advise users of your center when training on a treadmill.

If, in addition to these tips, your clients also use the right footwear to cushion the impact with the machine, maintain a correct posture during exercise and do not neglect training and are constant, they will achieve their goal. A treadmill is very simple and easy to use, it allows you to know at the moment the distance traveled, the heart rate and the calories consumed, it improves flexibility and promotes muscle development. Who wouldn’t seem like the perfect partner to walk the path to a healthier lifestyle?

Recommended models of treadmills

The best treadmill brands are, without a doubt, Sportstech in the higher ranges, while in the mid and lower ranges the position is more disputed and Fitfiu and Cecotec are the ones that lead the market. Here are the main characteristics of some of the most interesting treadmill models today. You can also buy them in best prices using Amazon coupon codes.

Cecotec RunnerFit Step Black (foldable and good quality)

The Cecotec Runnerfit Step Black is another Cecotec folding treadmill, with similar features to the Extreme Track but more suitable for the home and beginners

Its motor reaches 1000W of power, with a maximum speed of the treadmill of 10 km per hour, which is very good for its price, but is well below the 18 km per hour that the Extreme Track reaches. It supports, like this one, 120 kg of weight and the size of its surface is 22 x 132 x 64 cm.


The best thing about it is that it allows beginners and intermediate users to work on it, as long as they do not exceed five feet in height, and that it can be the machine that is used for many years, provided that it is properly maintained.

Fitfiu MC200 folding treadmill

The most important of the positive points of the Fitfiu MC200 is the motor, which has a power of 1.5 HP and manages to move the belt at a speed of up to 14 km per hour. This means that it is not only suitable for beginners, but it can also be used by medium-level users who want a certain intensity in their workouts, as long as they do not require simulating unevenness, because this machine simply cannot be tilted.


In any case, the maximum daily use of the tape is about 30 minutes, so if the idea is to carry out long sessions it is not the best option.

On the contrary, the Fitfiu MC200 is the one that supports the least weight of all those in this selection, since it can only be used by people up to 90 Kg , and it has the same wingspan as the Sportstech F10 (110 x 40 cm), thus It is not suitable for tall people who require more space for their strides.

Of course, that size influences its weight (only 30 kg) and its manageability when folding it (folding is manual, so the less it weighs, the better) and storing it, that is always secondary. Nobody buys a treadmill just looking at how easy it is to store, right?

Cecotec Extreme Track (Professional and folding treadmill)

The Cecotec Extreme Track treadmill is, like most of the devices of this Spanish brand, a product with a low-end price that provides some high-end features. In fact, it is perfectly suitable to be used by professionals, but not strong enough to withstand heavy use.


Therefore, it could be said that it is recommended for people who require an auxiliary machine (for example for a second residence, since it can be easily stored after folding it) or for amateurs who want a machine with good performance to use regularly. It is recommended to use no more than 10 hours a week.

Sporststech F10 – 2020 Model

The Sportstech F10 is basically the little sister of the Sportstech F31. What does that mean? Well, unlike the Sportstech F31, the F10 is only for beginner runners or for people who alternate light jogs with brisk walks.


In addition, its surface is much smaller than desirable, since the band only measures 100 x 34 cm. It is not recommended for people under 1.60 in height and in no case for people who want to maintain a constant rhythm of training.

With the same weight resistance (120 kg) and the same functions in terms of training and monitoring programs, as well as the same type of console with an app for connection to tablets and mobiles, the main difference is that its power is much lower. In fact, the Sportstech F10’s engine is mid-range, as it does not even reach the 1.5 HP recommended for tapes that are to be used regularly or intensively. Its power is 1 hp, and that means that it can only reach speeds of up to 10 km per hour.

The only thing that this machine is superior to the others is that it allows an 18% incline and therefore can simulate large slopes. Given that the higher the incline, the less suffering of the engine, it is the ideal machine for practicing fast ascents in an indoor environment.

At least it’s cheap considering its features, that price may not make up for its shortcomings. It is only recommended for those who are starting and, given the weight configuration that it supports and the size of the surface, it seems designed specifically for women with weight problems .

Sporststech F31 Professional treadmill

The Sportstech F31 is a professional treadmill, perfect for advanced runners looking for a powerful and resistant machine that they can use every day.


However, one wonders why buy a treadmill like this when its performance does not exceed that of the Cecotec Extreme Trac k too much. Like this, it has 2CV of continuous power (being able to reach 4CV at specific moments), and a rather small slider band (120 x 42 cm), which can be uncomfortable for tall people, and it is also a folding tape. It supports up to 120 kg of weight and reaches 16 km per hour.

So what justifies its high price? Well, the biggest pro of the Sportstech F31 are its monitoring functions and connectivity. The Sportstech is intended not only as a treadmill, but also as a training planning tool . For this, it has some accessories for monitoring vital signs, such as a cardiac performance control belt, and its own app that can be used from the console of the belt or from a mobile or tablet.

From the console, you can also play audio or video (including various coaching programs), either on the 5.5-inch screen itself, or by streaming to another larger screen.

Other very positive characteristics of this machine, and that make it superior to the aforementioned Cecotec, are its damping system, much more advanced, with six levels of pressure absorption, and the fact that it allows an incline of up to 15%.

Likewise, it also has a very comfortable self-lubrication system, since it incorporates small deposits for the lubricant next to the axles and that avoids having to lift the band to apply it. In addition, this improves the dosage and in the long run represents a small saving.

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