Area Guide To Stay In Dubai In 2020

There is no city like Dubai; it’s one of the top touristic destinations in the Middle East. The city is full of amazing sights as well as state-of-the-art accommodations. You are missing out on a lot if you haven’t been to Dubai yet, here’s a rundown of the most amazing place to live in when visiting Dubai.

Why is this research important? Well, because of the diversity of the city as well as the difference between the budgets of different areas. For example, the Dubai Marina is a popular tourist spot that is close to most landmarks of Dubai; however, this area is expensive when you are thinking accommodations. On the other hand, if you are on a budget, the best place for you to live is the Old City. Read along to know the most tourist-friendly areas to live in Dubai.

JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) And Marina:

The most western and modern neighborhoods of Dubai are the Marina and JBR area. It’s also the ideal place to stay while you are in Dubai, albeit a bit expensive than the rest. JBR offers a promenade that the residence can walk and enjoy the beach simultaneously. And the marina is the area beyond the line of the promenade where you can see sky-high buildings touching the clouds.

Almost all of the European ex-pats find accommodation in Marina and JBR; it’s for this fact that you can see the most cultural diversity here more than anyplace else in the city. They all love the beach and the surrounding area to much to find accommodations any place else, despite the area being a little hard on many pockets. The marina, as well as the JBR, is the best neighborhood to stay because it gives you access to bars and high-end restaurants. The area is close to all the famous landmarks of Dubai.

You will not like Marina and JBR if you are in Dubai for shopping. Albeit the fact, it has Mall of the Emirates, Marina isn’t the hub of shopping. Since Marina is the most expensive neighborhood in Dubai, shopping here can break your bank.

The cheapest accommodation that you can find in Marina or JBR is Backpacker Tina. However, due to the popularity of the area, affordable housing will soon be available to tourists. For a backpacker, Tina is the most luxurious building with high rates as well as a gym and pool to keep you entertained.

Jannah Marina Bay Suites are for people who have a midrange budget. It has impressive views of the sea as well as a pool and a Jacuzzi in its many amenities.


Al-Barsha is the totally opposite of Marina, while Marina is luxury, Al-Barsha is functionality. It’s the most practical town of Dubai. It may not be the most appealing neighborhood of Dubai, but since it’s well connected to the metro, you can go any place you want in a heartbeat. While living here, you can save a couple of hundred dollars on your budget.

Al-Basha is great for settling down if you want to live in Dubai. It offers all the necessities like Carrefour, malls, excellent restaurants as well as a friendly neighborhood. Al-Barsha is attractive for tourists who want to explore all landmarks without spending a fortune on accommodations.

Among the many reasons to stay in Al-Barsha are the Ski resort and the metro that connect you to the city. There are also many excellent restaurants as well as pubs in Al-Barsha that one can enjoy without leaving the neighborhood.


One of the best areas after Marina and JBR is Downtown Dubai. One of the many things that lure tourists to Downtown is Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. Moreover, Downtown is filled to the brim with fancy shops, luxurious boulevards, as well as glamorous clubs and high-end restaurants. It’s the Downtown area that gives Dubai its fame.

If you have come to Dubai on a pleasure trip, you will find yourself in Downtown at some point of the trip. There is so much to see and do in Dubai that you won’t be able to complete your checklist in one day. From checking out the tallest mall in Dubai to experiencing the dancing fountains to dining in a classy restaurant, Downtown is the ideal place to be.

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Dubai is one city that is on the bucket list of almost all explorers. So, the nest time you go to Dubai for business or sightseeing, don’t forget to check out these areas on our list.

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