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Hey there, are you looking for the term attorney advertising and its rules and guidelines? Well, you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the term “Attorney Advertising” in brief. But before getting started, let us take a look at history.

Historic Attorney Advertising

The history of attorney advertising started in the previous century. On a daily basis, millions of people leave their houses to earn the wedges to live their life. Some people start the business to make their wedges, and others get the job.

While working people want a social entity to get involved in the trade to stay protected. That social entity is a lawyer, also known as the attorney who let us know about our rights and obligations.

Whenever people felt a need to hire an attorney for social affairs, they had to suffer a lot while looking for a right attorney who can guide and advise them about their problems and matters. Historic attorney advertising is an act of advertising the services, blogging, law practices, and client relation of a lawyer by the law firm or lawyer itself. Until late 1970 the attorneys were not given the right to introduce themselves or do any type of advertisement publically. They were even not allowed for non-technical advertisements like television ads, yellow page pieces or radio spots. After a long time of the c

ourt case, “Bated v. Arizona,” which was filed in the court containing factors for stopping attorneys from seeking advertisement? In 1977 the lawyers were given the right to advertise their services as well as other practices, including client relations, public relations, blogging, and contact maintenance with alumni, and cross-selling.

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In the United States and South Carolina, the lawyer advertisement is legal. Attorney advertising South Carolina and the United States are subject to ethical rules promulgated/made-public by the state bar association.

Attorneys were given the right to advertise their practices and services through the technical or non-technical way. They can promote through social media, telephone directories, commercial directories, mail marketing, TV commercials, radio commercials, billboards, and law firm websites.

The advertisement is only possible if none of the rules is prohibited.

Attorney advertising rules and guidelines

Attorney advertising rules are adequate to eliminate the prohibition of laws. At the same time, advertising attorney services and practices, as well as the attorney advertising guidelines, are useful too for showing the right way to attorneys for advertising.

The flowing rules bound attorney advertising:

Ø The attorney advertisement should not include:

  •       Portrayal of judges
  •       Testimonials disclosed payment
  •       Irrelevant attorneys/lawyers characteristics
  •       Ads resembling the legal documents
  •       Fictional persons or actors,
  •       Communication limit for non-clients
  •       Limit of soliciting clients
  •       Moniker or nickname

Ø  Attorney communication should not include:

  •       False or misleading information
  •       Material misrepresenting any law or fact
  •       Omits a necessary fact
  •       Testimonial or endorsement of lawyer
  •       Unjustified expectations
  •       Comparison of his services with other lawyers
  •       Any specialization
  •       Future success assurance
  •       Past experiences without attorney advertising disclaimer

Ø Advertisements should be accurate and concrete.

Ø The advertisement should include endorsement/promotional-statement of a person for fair use.

Ø Advertisements should treat competitors fairly.

Ø Don’t overcharge the people who don’t have good credit.

Ø Don’t promise easy credit if you can’t fulfill your words.

Ø Beware of risks while communicating online.

Ø When describing the savings and sales, stay truthful.

Ø Advertisements should not include hidden charges.

Ø Mention the limited quantities.

Attorney advertising Guidelines:

Ø The following attorney advertising guideline will help you to advertise your services within legal limits.

Ø An attorney should not show-off his financial standing (property or insurance companies) for advertisement.

Ø The attorney should not enter into arrangements with his client or any other person.

Ø The attorney should not show-off his superiority (like the number of won cases or getting speedy results, etc.) over other attorneys.

Ø The legal reputation of the attorney is his valuable asset; the attorney should not lose it by vulgar or sensational advertising.

Ø Attorney advertisement should not contain ticker-tape ads, mass mailing or WhatsApp broadcast.

Ø The advertisement must contain an attorney advertising disclaimer document.

Ø The advertising website should contain legal advising information.

Ø The attorney should advertise his services through social media as it provides an easy and quick mechanism to get good ranking, potential clients, likes and shares.

Ø The advertisement should not claim a person as an attorney who is not an attorney in real life.

Ø If the attorney is advertising as a sole practitioner, then he should not use words like “we,” “and company,” or “suite,” etc.

Ø The advertisement should not be deemed as misleading or false.

Ø Advertisements should not contain unjustified expectations.

Ø There should be no depictive information.

Personal Injury attorney advertising

The misappropriation of the style of doing business or advertising ideas is known as personal injury attorney advertising. If you are running a personal injury law firm in the USA then you must read the following tips to achieve your aim.


United States personal injury advertising tips:

If a citizen of the United States and looks for an injury attorney, then an injury attorney will cost approximately $1000 for 2 to 3 days each time. It is surprisingly accurate that you are watching TV for more than 30 minutes without seeing the personal injury attorney ad.

In the United States, the industry of personal injury is very competitive and vast at very high prices. On the legal advertising website, attorneys are getting a tremendous return per click every time. The injury attorney market is not coming or slowing down.

Tips for a personal injury law firm:

  1. The injury law firm should forget about the return on investment (ROI) and set the goals to get cost per case.
  2. Try to track every lead as you have set the goal to cost per case.
  3. Bid on your brand name.
  4. Make your business mobile-friendly.
  5. To dominate the search result use Ad Extensions, as they give the advertising platform to enhance your ads.
  6. Try cheap and successful Google Ads Call-Only Campaigns.
  7. Rank your website, and get more reviews on Google.
  8. Through Facebook, Retargeting takes better advantage of Ad Spend.


At the end of this article, it is concluded that advertising makes the lawyer/attorney a super lawyer. By advertisement, people can easily choose the perfect attorney for them. The online availability of the attorney results in gaining more potential clients. The article also covers the rules and guidelines for legal attorney advertisements.

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