Augmented reality contact lenses will give information directly in your eyes.

The digital world is becoming our best friend and a part of our daily lives. It was computers that dominated the world, but we now have smartphones. Without them, we can’t even get started with our day. Augmented reality has added flavor to the digital revolution. AR can be used in many areas, including education, gaming, and even augmented reality glasses. What would you do if you heard that we have augmented reality contacts lenses?

Mojo Vision, a California-based startup that uses augmented reality to place information in contact lenses, is cutting-edge. It has fitted contact lenses that fit perfectly into your eyes with 14K pixels per inch microdisplays, motion sensors, wireless radios, and image sensors. These augmented reality lenses can be powered wirelessly.

Even an external battery can be used to provide power and sensor data, then send the information to your display.

Smart lenses are also powered by InWith Corp. InWith Corp. incorporates augmented reality vision display chip into soft hydrogel contact lenses. Bausch + Lomb partnered with InWith Corp. in 2020 to promote flexible electronic circuitry, which can be directly integrated into lenses.

Mojo Vision’s augmented reality contact lenses technology is called the Invisible Computing. It will allow humans to look directly at their phones without having to use their smartphone. This information consists of text messages and navigation routes, meeting points, presentation points, steps to repair machinery, or steps to inform others. Although this innovation is still being prototyped, the company plans to apply augmented reality contact lenses for those with low vision problems through an enhanced image overlay. AR glasses are not enough. You can still see the information even if your eyes are closed.

The world has seen high-quality AR/VR headsets, which have led many people to get rid of their expensive gaming consoles. These immersive devices are worth the money. It is still working to improve and advance even though they have been on the market for a decade.

Mojo’s augmented reality contact lens are not a consumer product. This technology will also be worn by the eyes. Therefore, there will be many challenges that will be more difficult than those faced with VR headsets.

Contact lenses fall under the medical device category, so approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration will be required. After it has been properly approved by the FDA and other niche applications, clinical trials will begin soon and the company will launch a mainstream product.

Smart contact lenses can be used for more than just sharpening your vision. It falls under the medical device category and can be used to treat many medical conditions. Smart lenses can carry small wireless chips and a sensor that monitors physiological metrics such as intraocular pressure for glaucoma patients.

Smart Contact Lenses Solve Complex Problems

Let’s first look at some practical applications before we get into the sci-fi potential of contact lens tech. The contact lens was originally designed to correct vision. It was only one task when it was first created in the late 1800s. Developers began to wonder if the contact lenses could do more, as a result of growing interest in wearable tech.

Traditional contact lenses are not able to solve certain vision problems. Researchers are investigating solutions to aniridia, a problem that results from the underdevelopment of the eye’s iris. The new smart contact lens has its own embedded iris, made up of LCD cells and a thin-film transistor. Smart lenses control how light enters the retina to restore vision and decrease light sensitivity.

Smart contacts are able to help with vision correction and other conditions. Contacts can be used to deliver eye medication. Patients with glaucoma and those recovering from eye surgery will no longer have to remember to apply their drops. They can be confident that they are receiving the right treatment. Smart contact lenses can monitor glucose levels, which will delight diabetics. Goodbye finger pricks!

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