Benefits of Mountain Climbing Exercise

Exercise simply defines any kind of organized physical activity that facilitates people to remain fit. It helps to improve overall health, strength, flexibility, and most importantly, prevents the growth of obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, there are four different types of exercise. Like aerobic, strength, flexibility, and balance. Mountain Climbing mostly falls under the category of strength and a bit of aerobic.

The name mountain climbing may sound intimidating but actually, the mountain here refers to the floor. Usually, it starts from a plank position like repeatedly bringing one knee close to the chest without lifting the hips up and then moving it back in the starting position. Here, the continuation of alternating legs throughout is necessary. It might feel like legs are skimming the floor. This workout has to be done faster like running against the floor.

Therefore, it becomes a very cardiovascular type of movement. That is the concept behind the Mountain Climbing exercise. This is a full-body workout, but especially arms, shoulders, quads, and core.

However, this article will show all the variations regarding Mountain Climbing exercise and the benefits one can enjoy by performing the exercise on a daily basis.

What is mountain climbing exercise and how to do it?

We already know the concept behind the Mountain Climbing exercise. Now, we should know about all the variations of this exercise so that we can choose whichever way we want to perform it depending on our flexibility and comfort.

To begin with, if the traditional way of doing Mountain Climbing exercises feels hard then try to put your hands on a surface that is a bit higher than the ground. Like a bench or chair. By this your hands and shoulders will carry lesser bodyweight and working out gets easier. This process is known as “Elevated Mountain Climbing”.

Another way of doing this exercise is “Spider-Man Mountain Climbing” where the right knee goes toward the right elbow and similarly justify knee goes toward the justify elbow.

Generally, it helps to gain more balance and hip flexibility. Lastly, another way of doing the exercise is “Wall Mountain Climbing”. It might be very difficult for beginners as this variation takes a lot of strength and effort for your arms and shoulder. Here, feet need to be off the floor and pushed against the wall. Then, as usual, bring your knee towards your chest, move it back on the wall and repeat the same with the other one. There is no need to rush; as it needs to be done slowly but the outcome for your upper-body strength will be greater.

Benefits of mountain climbing exercise

Let’s moving on to the benefits of Mountain Climbing exercise. Eventually, every hard work pays off if it has done properly. The same theory applies to this exercise too. Mountain Climbing exercise is great for developing cardio tolerance, core strength, and speed. As it is a cardio exercise there are obviously heart health benefits. One great advantage of doing this exercise is, it makes the whole body burn. It helps to stabilize the upper body like shoulders, arms, and chest. Similarly, core stabilizes the rest of the body meaning one can have six-packs in no time if it has done without any mistakes.

If you are on a budget but looking for a total body workout, the Bowflex PR1000 home gym is your ideal home gym. Thus, with one exercise one can get a whole body workout. Above all, one does not need any kind of instrument to do this exercise. It can be performed anywhere easily. In order to get the maximum advantage of this exercise, one must be careful of making mistakes. Some common mistakes are bouncing on your toes, not allowing your toes to touch the floor, and shifting your weight back.

In addition, one must be careful of not overdoing it. There should be a number of reps or time set for the exercise. Every part of your body should stay in balance or else there is a huge chance of being injured.


To sum up, this article tried to cover all the variations and possible benefits of the Mountain Climbing exercise. Mountain Climbing is a great strengthening workout while using your own weight. It is an all in one exercise as it affects the whole body and even helps to build six-packs. Most importantly, it helps to reduce heart disease. This article covers all the variations and possible benefits of Mountain Climbing exercise.

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