Best Boarding Schools in India: Institutions Which Impart Holistic Education

There are certain reasons due to which the parents consider sending their child to a boarding school. Some of the general reasons are that the parents don’t find quality education at the local schooling facility. Also sometimes due to family circumstances and situations, they feel that their child’s education and their wellbeing will be taken care of in a better way in the boarding school environment than what they can provide at home. The parents also feel that the boarding school experience builds up the child’s character and will make their kids more independent. Additionally, it’s a prevalent notion that the best boarding schools in India are the institutions which impart holistic education to its students.

India has been the land of gurukuls, and still, it is a place visited by many around the world for emotional, physical and spiritual learning. And though globalization has made the institutions exam score oriented, boarding schools in India still emphasizes the overall development of the child. Thus helps them develop on various levels be it intellectual, emotional, or spiritual growth. Thus over the years, holistic and well-rounded education for students has always remained the main focus of the best boarding schools in India.

Modern boarding schools can have different ways to accomplish this goal, and the parents and students can choose as per their personal preferences. However, the basic ingredient that the parents must look for, is the ability of the boarding school to put up a required balance between academics and other integrated educational activities. Wherein the school provides a rigorous academic education combined with co-curricular activities, physical education, performing arts education, regular field trips, etc.

We have mentioned some of them below:-

Performing Arts

Studies have established it now that involvement of the child in performing arts helps young students grow intellectually and emotionally and increase their performance on the academic front as well. Therefore the best boarding schools in India offer classes for classical music and several other musical instruments. They also encourage their students to take part in the dramas, theaters, dance, and other performing arts. These Arts and music lessons provide the platform to collaborate and work together, instilling the value of working in the community.

Sport and Recreation

Regular exercise is essential for holistic education, but if combined with the sporting activities it increases the experience. Most of the residential schools understand it and make sure that these physical intensive activities and pursuits are available for everyone to enjoy. Although, some of the best boarding schools in India go an extra step and incorporate facilities and staff to discover and help the kids who are gifted with athletic prowess. To help them pursue it and achieve the highest recognition on various sporting platforms and forums at the national and international levels.

Field trips and outdoor education

India is among one of the oldest civilizations in the world and the land of distinct geographical entities and multicultural experiences. Thus India provides educational opportunities in the form of historical site explorations, hiking natural terrains, visiting national parks and many more outside the school campus. The boarding schools in India offer field trips and outdoor educational opportunities to these places. It provides a great way to see the various forms of nature and help them perceive geographical and historical knowledge in its actual form.

Community engagement

The best boarding schools in India also provide opportunities to interact with the local communities. In the form of community services, where they form the humane bond with others. Thus these residential school students get various opportunities in the form of community projects to enrich their lives and put a positive impact on others’ lives by helping them.

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Holistic education is securing entry to the college education

Apart from the academic performance and accomplishments, the institutions of higher education like that of college or universities also pay attention to the non-academic achievements and the level of holistic education in the individuals applying for the admissions process. Wherein participation in the performing arts, extra-curricular activities, volunteer experience of community service and other components of holistic education are assessed to filter the most eligible university/college applicants.

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