Best Male Yoga Poses Reproductive Organs In 2021

Health of reproductive organs directly impacts of male health and its intimacy aspects. Health issues of reproductive organs also affect fertility in males. Frustrated with side effects associated with medical means, the males are increasingly turning to yoga for enhancing general health and health of reproductive organs.

Yoga through its various poses reduces stress, anxiety, triggers hormone releases to improve the health of reproductive organs and lifts quality of sperm and its motility. Regular practice reduces chances of prostate issues, reduces the enlargement of the prostate, and increases the flow of blood towards the male organ. The flow of blood cures erection issues naturally. Yoga also sustains the improvement throughout adult life.

Excellent yoga poses for male reproductive organs

Following yoga poses establish a strong body and mind connection and balance. The pose increases blood circulation in male reproductive organs. It helps to maintain healthy hormonal balance. At the same time, the mental calm and relaxation encourage concentration on the present moment, which enhances the joy of living in the moment. Males who are into yoga have less need for higher dose Generic Levitra 60 mg, a doctor prescribes for severe erection weakness. They retain their reproductive organ health throughout their adult life.

Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand pose means that a male has to maintain the balance on shoulder and head while standing upside down. It stimulates the health of thyroid glands, while strengthening the entire body muscles. Support the upside down posture with hands to maintain it for a few seconds. Breathing should be deep for 20-30 seconds in the upside down position. The pose reduces fatigue as well as.

Plough pose

The pose encourages the blood movement towards the pelvic area, which cures any weakness a man may be experiencing in erection. It also increases physical flexibility. The pose is done by lifting legs slowly while lying down and brings the legs back over to the head. Exhale when lifting the legs over the head. Hold it for a few seconds. Come back to the normal position without any jerks.

Bow pose

It is another pose that encourages blood movement towards the pelvic area to cure erection weakness. This single pose cures both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, the male weakness. Regular practice improves fertility in males.

Sleep on the ground on the tummy. The arms should be along the body and feet apart. Exhale and bring the knee towards the back, while trying to hold the ankles with hands. Hold the position for a few seconds without putting any stress on the body. Inhale during lifting the chest and legs off the ground, looking straight. The ideal position should be when only your tummy is touching the ground. Come back to normal position after 10- 20 second. Exhale while coming to normal position after 10-20 seconds.

Seated forward bend

Seated pose tones strengthen the muscles that support the reproductive organs. It cures erectile dysfunction as well as improving digestion system. The pose is simple to perform. Just sit on the ground and extend the legs forward straight. Inhale and bring the arms up to touch the toe of feet by bending forward. There should be no jerk movement. Slowly bring the forehead down to touch the knees. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds and come back to the normal sitting position while exhaling.

Boat pose

The single pose is enough to tone up hip, abdomen, and leg muscles. It also tones and strengthens the pelvic muscles and promotes the blood flow towards the pelvic area, holding the male organ. The pose flattens the tummy to improve confidence as well. Males on higher erection boosting dose 200 mg Sildenafil citrate prescribed by the doctor can lower dose need with regular practice.

Just lie down on your back, keep your arms by your sides. Slowly lift your legs and upper part of the body from the hip. Bring arms towards the knees. Exhale during lifting the legs and shoulders. Keep the pose up to 10 or 15 seconds. 


Yoga has proven benefits for physical and mental well being. Perform one pose daily and gradually master one pose before moving to the next pose, in this way within a week you will master at least 6 moves to get the desired results. Poses will stimulate your glands, increase hormones for a better reproductive life, reduce muscular tension, enhance blood throughout the body and promote mental peace. The combined effect is a healthy body and mind, which promote reproductive organ health. Take the help of an expert if you are not comfortable with yoga or have some medical ailment.

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