Best Online Storage Platform To Keep Your Data Safe

In today’s world online backup or cloud storage is the most important aspect to preserve important works whether its video or photographs. Relying on only hardware like hard disk drive or DVD is not safe since an electronic device may stop working anywhere anytime and is problematic to carry when you travel with other luggage.

Cloudstorage in the recent days became very popular since with a good internet connection you can access data from anywhere, anytime  with multiple digital devices like computer, mobile, tablet.

You will get extra space if you subscribe to monthly subscription and make sure you get a good deal. There are few tips below about where you can keep your data online without fear of loosing it.

Google Photos

Google  photos  is  the  first  online storage  which  gives  unlimited  backup storage  for  photos upto 16  megapixel and videos upto 1080p. Google photos can be accessible from all the devices at ease.

It was launched in the year 2015. It can also arrange photographs in a folder based on geographical locations, human face, date and time.

Google Drive

In Google drive 15gb cloud storage space is free for an user and after that it  is  payable  which  is  nominal  charges like `130  per  month  for  100 gb, `210 per month for 200 gb, `650 per month for 2 tb, `6,500 for 10 TB, `13,000 for 20 TB and `19,500 for 30TB.

Being into the  android  platform  google  users  use this drive for a quick backups whether its for official documents, photographs, important files etc.

One Drive

justifyOne Drive is operated by Microsoft which was launched  in  2007.  One Drive 5GB is free for the user and you can further extend its space by paying `530.05 per month for 1TB.

Like other cloud storage it also has the file sharing and  sync  options.  One  Drive  is  helpful for  the  windows  user  to  sync  with  the windows computer.


Flickr is a very popular online storage specially for the professional and amateur photographers and  the videographers, which gives enough amount of storage space to the free user.

1TB for the basic account with ads. Though it will change from January 2019 and the free option will  be  limited  to  1000  photos  and videos limited to 3 mins timeline.

After free account you have to pay `350 per month  for  unlimited  storage  of  photos and videos without ads and it probably gives the best viewing experience you will get in the gallery.


Dropbox  is  a  very  popular  online storage  platform  which  was  launched in the year 2008. Dropbox can be easily accessible  on  the  go  through  iOS  and android devices. Dropbox provides 2GB basic storage  and  you  can get  extra 500mb by referring a friend upto 16 gb.

The user interface is quiet easy. You can create folder easily and add files. It can recover  files  upto  30  days  for  the  free users  and  120  days  for  the  premium users.

Amazon Drive:

In the recent years Amazon Drive became very popular and competitive. Amazon Drive is launched in 2011. For basic users 5GB storage is free. For the Amazon prime customers full resolution photos  are  unlimited  at  Amazon  drive.

You need to pay `999 per year to be a prime  member  of  Amazon.  It  doesn’t provide  work  productivity  like  Office online  and  Google  Docs  just  like Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive.


Mega is a  popular cloud  storage platform which was launched in 2013 based in Auckland which gives users 50 gb of storage, it has dedicated mobile apps for its mobile portability.  For  expansion  200GB  is available for Rs 400 per month, `800 for 2 TB, `1600 for 4 TB storage, `2400 for 8 TB.

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Storing your data online and finding a reliable provider is always a problem. Different service providers step back, after some time, which leaves you in mess to move your data to any other provider.

Above listed services are here from many years and are trusted by many big companies and brands.

We hope you’ve liked our efforts to provide you list of best online storage platform to keep your data safe from lost or getting damaged.

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