Best Temporary Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Be it protests, be it a revolution, you can always have the temporary Tattoo designs to make your events special. Celebrate! Tattoos have a long history and Tattoos have long been used to show solidarity, faithfulness, slavery, enchantments and protections all around the world.

A Little About Tattoo and Tattoo Designs

How amazing the Tattoos look! It does not matter whether they are temporary Tattoo designs or permanent. But undoubtedly, the permanent ones come with a price. Sacrificing your ease is not so easy.

Painful their making is, of course, as blood spills out when the Tattoo artist carves them on your body slowly but surely. Do you wonder when and why Tattoos became a craze?

Well, the ancient history states that our primitive civilizations were more coarse, brutal and existed in smaller groups. Frequent clashes and clamour was a prominent feature of these groups.

Whenever a scuffle arose, there always were victims and survivors. The ones who were enslaved eventually by the winning tribes had ink inscriptions creating different patterns, typical of a certain tribe. This mark or design identified slaves from one tribe to another. These were however not temporary Tattoo designs but permanent markings instead.

  • Ancient Use of Tattooing Art to brand prisoners

Tattoo Designs

But, then the ink caught attention and its use too, became prominent amongst the masses.

Lo! Tattooing art was born. Over the years, every continent began to practice it. Egyptian mummy making, Chinese emperors and crusaders, everyone took to Tattooing.

  • Tattooing use for marking- identifying members within a similar tribe

Best Temporary Tattoo Designs
Inscriptions earlier, were done with a purpose. Crusaders marked themselves with particular markings to align themselves to a certain tribe. Even Egyptians and Chinese emperors recognised each other using the art of tattooing.

  • Tattooing honoured different purposes- promoting the same faith or belief

Best Temporary Tattoo Design

The art of Tattooing dissolved in the years of Industrial Revolution and found a new platform in the later years. In tribals still, this form of marking, separates one tribe from the other, however within the city masses, Tattooing has caught the attention of the glam young quotient today.

  • Current Tattooing does not obey such laws

Rather it is discrete and more to do with different styles.

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Tattooing causes immense pain. There is a chance of infection too, post Tattooing and there is an equally long Tattoo removal process. Thus, more and more people are opting out of permanent Tattooing and transitioning towards temporary Tattoo designs. Let us find out more below.

How to make Temporary Tattoo designs

Now comes the most crucial question. You are sure, you want a Tattoo but you are also sure that you do not want a permanent Tattoo. So, you go for temporary Tattoo designs. Question is, how or what do you use to make temporary Tattoo designs?

You might not have checked well, since you did not pay attention to it. However, you must know that temporary Tattoo designs can be made from almost anything that leaves a mark. The only question to address in this scenario is, how long do you want the Tattoo on yourself?

Let us find out how long the Tattoos can be on you given, you use the below methods of Tattoo creation.

  • Pen markers (few hours)
  • Eyeliner
  • Permanent markers
  • Paper Tattoo (water slide Tattoos)
  • Sharpie Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Designs

  • Stencils (until you remove them)

best Tattoo Designs

  • Mehndi (almost 3 weeks to two months)

simple Mehndi art

  • Vinyl Decals and Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl mehandi graphics

Let us jot down a few temporary Tattoo designs for the men and women. These temporary Tattoo design trends are quite widespread in the men as well as in the women.

Mostly eyeliners, stencil, permanent markers, paper Tattoos are girl’s things. Sharpie’s are used by women along with simple Mehndi designs.

Vinyl decals and vinyl graphics go very well with the men often.

Temporary Tattoo designs for Men

Several designs look good on men, but not on women typically. Let us see some temporary Tattoo designs that can suit men well.

  • Sleeve temporary Tattoo design:

Making false sleeves is a craze amongst men. You can simply wash the temporary Tattoo design off and wear another one as and when required. You can also make half sleeve temporary Tattoo designs.

best and simple mehandi tattoo

  • Bracelet temporary Tattoo designs:

The Bracelet temporary Tattoo designs also use temporary forms of creating Tattoos. You can create a design on a stencil and then imprint it on screen. The bracelet temporary Tattoo designs even go well in women.

Bracelet Tattoos

  • Temporary Skeleton/ Angelic Hands on shoulders:

Skeleton or Angelic hands are quite a craze amongst men all around the world. You can wear them on your shoulders and they come out really well with stencils and vinyl decals.

Temporary skeleton tattoo design

Temporary Tattoo designs for Women:

Mehndi is a hot favourite amongst women when it comes to temporary tattooing. If you use indigo, you can get a black Mehndi.

Plain temporary tattoos made from black, orange, burgundy and purplish Mehndi are a craze all across the world.

  • Marking palms with separate unique elements:

Unique elements can mark the palm differently. You can simply draw a beautiful collection of bells through a Tattoo or a kalash or a floral pattern like this one here.

Temporary mehandi design on palm

  • Temporary Arrow Tattoo for Neck:

You can use a temporary arrow Tattoo to cover your neck. Use a stencil, or a pen or even Mehndi to carve it out. Black Mehndi is often used for such colourless bold designs like the one drawn below.

Arrow Tattoos design

  • The dangle design

You can find a beautiful Mehndi design here with the dangle design. You can often draw it over your collarbone or your upper arm. You can also draw the temporary Tattoo design with a simple pen, pat it with some hair setting spray and layer it with talcum powder after the spray dries off. The one below is a beautiful temporary Tattoo design, where the dangles are clearly visible for you to have a closer look.

Dangle tattoo design

Conclusion: You can even use a pen, a permanent marker, a stencil and above all Mehndi. Stickers are widely available, vinyl decals and vinyl graphic stickers are widely available. You can even create your own with one Tattooing artist. Temporary Tattoo designs look great on almost every occasion, be it marriage or a simple day to day party.

Here you can buy paintings online.

Considering Tattooing is painful and involves health risks, you can always try temporary Tattoo designs for stylised Tattooing.

Now that you know they are completely possible, why don’t you go ahead and try the art without being scared of the health risks associated with normal Tattooing.

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