Best Tips For a Microwave in 2021

In addition to heating and defrosting, you can also grill, bake & roast with a number of microwaves. The first choice you need to make when purchasing a microwave is between a solo microwave or a combination microwave . In a solo microwave you can often only heat and defrost food. With a combi microwave you have more options.

Solo Microwave

With a solo microwave you can quickly heat up food. A ready-made meal or a cup of milk, for example, but you can also thaw frozen products in it. Do you want to prepare a complete meal in the microwave? Then read the instructions carefully. Not all food is cooked at the same time and not all materials can be put in the microwave just like that.

Combi microwave

A combi microwave is a combination of a microwave and an oven. Depending on the model, a combi microwave can be equipped with the following functions:

    • Conventional

      In this function, the dishes are prepared with top and bottom heat.

    • Defender Grill

      With the grill function you get a crispy crust. Grilling meat or fish is also less fat.

    • Attacker  Steam

      The moisture is brought to the boil, after which it is kept at steam temperature. This way the food can be steamed.

    • Midfielder Crisp

      The crisp function is a combination function of the microwave and the grill. The grill ensures that the dish (on the crisp plate) gets a crispy top layer and the microwaves ensure that the dish is cooked. Please note: a crisp plate only works with a microwave with the crisp function.

Watt, how much

The power of the microwave is indicated in watts. Most microwaves have a power between 700 and 900 watts. This is more than enough for heating products. You can also opt for a lower wattage, but then you have to take into account a longer preparation time. With ready meals, this information can always be found on the packaging of the product.

Content in liters

The content of a microwave is expressed in liters. A small microwave has a capacity of max. 25 liters. A microwave of up to 35 liters is most suitable for a household with 4 people. Do you often prepare meals for more than 4 people? Then we recommend a capacity of more than 35 liters.

Programs and operation

It often pays to adjust the standard programs yourself. You can then heat, defrost or cook in your own way. All you have to do is enter the program number and set the weight and the microwave will do the rest. With the memory button you can store settings you use more often in the memory and easily recall them with the memory button. You can change a saved setting at any time. Microwaves are equipped with touch control, push and turn knobs or a combination of these. The advantage of a microwave with touch control is that you can easily clean it.

Display and delay start

Most microwaves are equipped with a display on which you can read the selected settings. You can also see the time remaining before the program has ended. The delay start is a function that allows you to pre-program the microwave a few hours in advance. This way you save time and you can, for example, almost immediately at the table when you return home.


The energy of the microwaves is distributed by the rotating movement of the turntable. The turntable can be switched off with some appliances. There are also combi microwaves available that do not have a turntable and where the energy distribution is provided by a rotating antenna. These are the more expensive microwaves.

Child safety

When the child lock is activated, turning or pressing the buttons has no effect. Always consult the manual for the exact operation of your microwave. This security can often be switched on and off by pressing the button with key icon.

Built-in microwaves

Freestanding microwaves are not suitable for building in because of the warm air that the appliance cannot release. Built-in microwaves are more expensive than freestanding models, but can be nicely concealed in the interior of the kitchen. The instructional video on the right shows how you can easily install a microwave yourself.


Keep the door clean

The door has an important function in the microwave and oven in protecting against microwave leakage. For this reason, the door should be kept clean and there should be no damage. Furthermore, when the door is opened, the oven must immediately stop producing microwave energy. For that reason, the door is linked to a number of microwave elements that stop the heating process.

Cooking tips for the microwave

– Do not place food in completely sealed containers or bottles. – Cover the food to prevent moisture loss.

– Make small portions.

– Prick holes in products with a skin or skin around it (potatoes, sausage). This prevents bursting.

– Do not boil an egg in the shell. This explodes. An egg may be ‘tapped’ and boiled from the shell, for example on a platter. Then pierce the yolk.

– Do not use metal saucepans in the microwave oven.

Stir your food regularly

For food safety, stirring food is very important. A microwave oven is usually equipped with a permanently installed field distributor. However, this does not ensure an ideal distribution of the microwave energy. As a result, there are parts of the food that are not or hardly heated and places that are overheated. Stirring prevents listeria or salmonella bacteria from surviving the heating process in colder zones.

Always use heat-resistant material.

Cooking delay means that the boiling temperature of 100 degrees has been reached, while the cooking phenomena (strong bubbling) are absent. This can happen in a microwave oven because of the speed and because the heat is generated in the water and not through a pan bottom.

In that case, if the door is opened, this mechanical vibration and / or change in pressure can cause the cooking behavior to occur spontaneously and explosively. To avoid this, it is recommended to place a heat-resistant wooden or glass rod in the glass when heating water or milk.

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