Black and White Rug – 7 Different Round Rugs for Your Home

There’s always an incentive to decorate any room of one’s home. For some, it’s an opportunity to reflect one’s personality and elite taste, while for others, it’s solely to make an impression among guests. Some do it for the sake of having a makeover indoors. No matter your reason, the easiest way to achieve the purpose is through a black and white rug.

If you are looking out for one moment, we have got 7 of them to leave you wowing over them. Let discuss them and also learn which black and white rug is best and why.

7 Different Round Rugs For Your Home

  1. Saturn Yellow Abstract Circle Rug

This rug dyed in the shade of sunshine is hard to overlook. It’s bright with an eye-catching pattern and makes a statement wherever it’s rolled out. Fabricated from pure wool, it effortlessly adds warmth and comfort to a living room.  As for durability, it’s long-lasting and easy maintenance. Its flame-retardant in nature further adds to its long list of merits.

  1. Washable Rug Tie-Dye Vintage Nude

There’s nothing like a washable rug! With guests coming and going, chances of a stain occurring from an accidental spill are highly likely. However, you need not worry about the washing part because its cotton piles are utterly washable in a domestic washing machine. The design features a rose-pink color, ideal for rendering a feminine touch to a living room as much as to a teenager’s bedroom.

  1. Saturn Pink Abstract Circle Rug

It seems the rug brand Asiatic has listened to your secret wishes of owning a pink rug. However, instead of dying the entire round rug in pink, Asiatic has lent artful touches of red and white for a striking effect. By the sheer look of it, you can find out that it’s an abstract rug.

  1. Washable Tie-Dye Vintage Blue

Blue is an all-time favorite color among individuals valuing inner peace. So, welcome one indoors and let tranquility prevail. As for ease of maintenance, it is preserving its newness is quite effortless.

  1. Saturn Blue Abstract Circle Rug

Dyed in blue and grey combination, it serves modern art for the floors of one’s home. Use it to soften the look of a room with hardliners in the form of rectangular objects, furnishings, and walls. You may also use such a rug to connect different items indoors and create a harmonious living room.

  1. Saturn Green Abstract Circle Rug

Asiatic in this pure wool rug has wonderfully captured the hues of Nature. The circular shape on top has worked on the overall charm, making it a real jackpot for harmonious living rooms. Plus, its color resemblance with Nature makes it a treat to the eyes of an urban dweller who is not much accustomed to watching greenery from his apartment.

  1. Washable Rug Tie-Dye Yellow

Last but not least is this washable black and white area rug, featuring soft lime color in concentric circles. Having it in your living room can be pleasant to do as it looks warm and cozy. Besides the visual charm, it creates an illusion of open space. In the end, you can wash it off in a conventional domestic washing machine and heave a sigh of relief.

Though each of them is different, be it look-wise or material-wise, they are all connected by the style. But, still, black and white color is non-beatable by any other shades or design. Therefore, black and white rug remain on the top list because you can easily blend them into a setting, irrespective of the prevailing decor style. Make the best choice to make your home look elegant and stylish more than ever!

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