Buddhist Mala – The Significance & Types

In this fast pacing world, people have scaled up the lifestyle, but the inner satisfaction has vanished as people are struggling with work, relationships, and lives. With these notions, everyone is constantly trying to achieve peace of mind, and some people prefer wearing Buddhist wrist mala as it’s a symbol of well-being, positive vibes, and mindfulness.

Ranging from beads to mala, and bracelets to necklaces, they are extensively used as accessories which settle perfectly with modern dressing and fashion trends. Such pieces of jewelry offer an attractive look while helping people achieve mindfulness and inner satisfaction. These beads have a tendency to capture positive energies and vibes, leading to the elimination of negative energy.

Ever since the trend, people have been using this jewelry for gaining spiritual and physical well-being while achieving their inner desires and wants. Flaunting these beads can be easy, as you can inculcate them in necklaces and bracelets all the same. People with Buddhist bead jewelry don’t need to hone specialized knowledge because beads do all the deed.

For improving the quality of life and removing bad lucks from life, wearing Buddhist jewelry might seem the simplest and easiest method. These beads bring in power, improved decision-making, mental clarity, and courage. These beads get in touch with our bodies through the skin leading to positive results. In some cases, these beads have been helpful in evening out the chakras.

The aligned chakras are essential for welcoming peace, balance, and happiness. When it comes to human beings, there are seven chakras responsible for bringing in light. Some people name them wheels of light or energy centers, but in any case, unaligned chakras can lead to disturbance in life and satisfaction levels.

With all these benefits, it’s needless to say that Buddhist jewelry is helpful in living a peaceful life with no failures and disturbances. In other words, one can achieve the life everyone dreams of living and leadings. With the robotic lives, it has become different to lead a peaceful life, but using Buddhist jewelry poses positive impacts.

Using Buddhist Jewelry The Right Way

In this section, we are discussing how one can use Buddhist jewelry to attain benefits and how beads can be incorporated in daily life. So, have a look!

  • There are appealing and powerful beads which can be made into a Buddhist wrist mala for praying the mantras. The mantra recitation helps in relieving stress and adding calm while freeing the busy mind
  • These pieces of jewelry help in leading a healthy and peaceful life
  • These beads are used for multiple purposes ranging from prayers to cleansing, healing to meditation, and reflecting on mind and body
  • The Buddhist jewelry enhances mindfulness while offering isolation from negative vibes
  • These beads offer companionship while adding solitude and quietude to one’s life
  • Buddhist jewelry plays an integral role in leading and walking on the spiritual role
  • One can find the purpose of life and finding the positive person in oneself with these pieces of jewelry
  • The meditation level will be enhanced while you offer meditation with this jewelry because it helps in rejuvenating the mindfulness and go deeper while reciting the mantras

Different Types of Mala

You might have seen the meditators using long mala while meditating as it enhances the focus and is easy to use and practical. There are different numbers of beads, availability of knots, difference in material, variety of colors, and sizes. The wide array of textures is available portraying an image of extensive options. In this section, we are discussing different types of mala and their functions. So, have a look!

Rudraksha Seed Malas

These are the commonly used and found beads and have been utilized by monks and gurus over the years. These beads are probably originated from Lord Shiva’s tears, making them highly sacred. That’s the prime reason for these beads being used in meditation and provide protection and offer prosperity and peace.

These beads have a puckering surface that provides a sophisticated feel to the finger while you wrap the mala during your meditation. There are different sizes available and are used in direct contact to the skin for better results.

Bone Malas

The bone beads reflect upon impermanence, which encourages the wearers to embrace the present with full compassion and mindfulness with a complete mindset that nothing shall stay forever. In Tibetan and Nepal, the bone malas are very common and made from oxen, yaks, and water buffaloes. These beads are usually designed into skull shapes reflecting on the transitory nature of life.

Sandalwood Malas

As the name suggests, these beads are designed from the wood of sandalwood trees and can be found in East India and Asia. These beads are considered sacred and holy because sandalwood is an integral part of Buddhism and Hinduism. These malas appear to reduce the distance between the wearer and the God Almighty while calming the soul, mind, and body.

The Bottom Line

When deciding for the mala and Buddhist jewelry, no bead has it all. One type of bead can only help a certain person, and to be honest, there is no right and wrong. You need to evaluate and analyze yourself for finding the right bead that helps you in your spiritual and meditation journey!

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