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Are you geared up for the festive season? Or looking for the right gift to send to your loved ones? The world of snacks and cookies is huge. And the joy is doubled when you set to explore the imported biscuits, chips, and noodles. Yes, you can order imported snacks online India. Here we have picked some of the top snacks that you can purchase in India.

If your looking for the best gift options, online cookies and snacks are great! The festival season is just around the corner. With these delicious biscuits and chips, you can surprise your sibling on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Or send Samyang noodles to your noodles-loving friends on their birthday. If you are looking to send online gifts apart from chocolates, here are some top options.

Send Gift Of Imported Snacks Online For Your Loved Ones

These imported snacks and cookies are ideal treats on any day. Here are our best picks to help you buy. While you may not find these imported products near you, browse for them online. There are several online snack stores in India that deliver all across the country.

Hello Panda Cookies

Hello Panda is a Japanese biscuit produced by Meiji. The hollow cookies are filled with cream of different flavors. The key flavors are milk, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, double chocolate cream, cookies, and cream. These are small-sized biscuits with crunchy shells and creamy insides. Every Hello Panda cookie has cute pandas enjoying different sports activities. We are sure every kid would love hello panda biscuits.

Pocky Biscuit Sticks

Pocky biscuit stick is yet again a Japanese snack by Glico. These delicious sticks are chocolate coated and available in several flavors. Some of the best variations are Banana, Honey, Milk, Honey, Cookies and Cream, and Coconut. These sweet sticks are extremely popular among teenagers in Japan. Pocky chocolate sticks are excellent to enjoy for breakfast or during your munch times.


It’s not just biscuits online but also chips! Tostitos are crispy and crunchy tortilla chips produced by Frito-Lay. You will also find Tostitos dips in many stores. They are made in different flavors as well as different shapes. Tostitos scoops, rounds, party size, and a hint of lime are perfect to spice up your parties. Surprise your snacks crazy friends by ordering these Tostitos online. The packs are great to stash in your bag while you are out for a picnic.

Tostitos Restaurant Style chips are large triangles that replicate traditional Mexican restaurants style. Yet another striking variety of Tostitos is Cantina chips that are inspired by restaurant chips.  Can’t forget to mention the scoops that make scooping of dips and salsas easier. These are perfect snacks to order online.


Give a break to yourself from the usual potato chips. Imported cheetos corn puffs perfectly pamper your taste buds with spicy, cheesy, and tangy flavors. They are great snacks for your kids. Or to impress your guests at the parties. You can easily buy Cheetos online in India from online stores delivering snacks. While the flamin hot cheetos are extremely popular, there are other enticing flavors. Cheetos Crunchy Cheese and Cheetos Jumbo Puffs are also excellent cheetos snacks. You can enjoy them with your buddies or kill your hunger pangs at any time.

Samyang Cheese Ramen Cup

Online snacks delivery is more interesting than before. For those who are crazy for flavored noodles, Samyang Cheese Ramen Cup brings perfect chicken noodles. Straight from Korea, these noodles are yummy and cheesy. The highly satiating taste of Korea’s authentic spices and traditional flavors delights you as soon as you start feasting on this cup.  If you are not very keen on chocolates, here is something to spice up your special times.

Gap Biscuit Sticks

This will make your biscuits online shipping wonderful! Yet another imported biscuit sticks to make your tea time special! Gap biscuit sticks are available in delicious strawberry and chocolate flavors. Every biscuit stick is a great delight for palates of any age. While biscuits are one of the very common confectionary food, these biscuit sticks surely mean something more.

Kellogg’s Froot Loops

These healthy and vibrant fruit loops can simply make your breakfast wonderful! The cereal rings are made of healthy grains like wheat, oats, and corn and seasoned with natural fruit flavors. If you want to avoid chocolates, these healthful cereals can be a great gift for your kid. This can also be a great way to inspire your kids to have milk.

Doritos Stax Cream and Onion

Here is one of the most amazing international snacks online in India! Doritos chips are already ruling the snacks world! Go for this stacked Doritos chips in a tubular pack. Order them online for your munch time or to share with your friends. These tortilla chips in bold cream and onion flavors are perfect for snacking anywhere. Apart from stax, Imported Doritos chips are also available in usual packages in a variety of mouth-watering flavors.

TGI Friday’s Potato Skins Jalapeno Cheddar

TGI Friday’s potato skins in Jalapeno Cheddar flavors are something unique. These thick chips made from potatoes give complete joy to fans of potato wafers. Potato chips are already a favorite pastime all across the world. Indeed promises an experience different than that of the usual chips we are used to.

TGI Friday’s Jalapeno Poppers Corn Cheddar Cheese

You can still enjoy TGI Friday’s even while avoiding potato chips. Jalapeno Poppers Corn Cheddar Cheese flavor of TGI Friday’s is an excellent way to feast on corn-based airy snacks! This can be an excellent addition to any party and picnic menu. If you are looking to order international snacks, this is worth considering. Thanks to these unique and rare snacks available online, you have plenty of gifting options.

Once you start exploring online snacks stores for imported food products, you will soon learn about the beverages too. There are plenty of beverages like Starbucks ready-to-drink coffee available online.


Snack online shopping is not very difficult. Especially because we are already ordering a lot of food online. If you are arranging a party or want to surprise someone with amazing snacks, there are plenty of options. Gone are the days when you could access restricted snacks and chocolates. But it is important that you pick the right place. And get this yummy food delivered to your doors anywhere in India.

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