Can AI Counterpart Humans in Emotional Content Marketing?

Those days are gone when we are doing everything manually. Now we are living in a time where the work is taken over by machines, software, and various automatic procedures. The work goes digital, and to market that Austin digital marketing agencies are in the picture!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a prominent place. But what does it mean? A short and on-point definition, “intelligence manifested by machines.” Machines have the ability to do complicated things easily that humans cannot do regularly. But, can machines think? Let’s peel the onion by further defining that AI can match humans in emotional content marketing. It’s complicated. 

Sometimes, AI and emotional content make sense. But in other instances, cringeworthy content appears when you combine AI with an emotional task.

Story of AI Approach, Assistant Editor in Grammarly 

It works perfectly well…until it doesn’t. One of my friends shared this story of AI’s cringe-worthy approach, sometimes too emotional topics.

One of her agency clients, who is a veterinary specialist who treats animals who have been injured and provides care, needed a post on fertilization. Of course, the writer will use the word “eggs” quite a bit. Grammarly decided that the words are used too often. So, what did this AI-driven assistant editor suggest? That replaces your word “eggs” with “seeds!” definitely a tone-deaf option, especially when it is about such an emotional topic. Of course, you need to ignore this advice wisely. AI has a long way to go before it even comes close to capturing human emotion. But, there is indeed an application where content marketers use AI to enhance their emotional content marketing pieces. Let’s explore.

Can AI Actually Create Content? 

AI cannot compete with humans in building emotional marketing content. But, it does have uses that go beyond testing completed work. Although, it’s always wise to check for the appropriate word usage. 

Fostering Email Subject Lines And Blog Headlines

AI’s strength reclines in its ability to analyze the massive amount of data and propound some predictions. Digital marketing agency offer you AI-driven content that is generated including your target keywords so that they can create unique headlines and subject lines for you. You can use it to edit and test against the others. Still, don’t use AI-generated content directly until a human editor ensures that it makes sense to human readers. It helps you to avoid a tone-deaf phrase that slips out into your published content. 

Using AI To Generate Short Content

Large companies like Austin Digital Marketing Agency often use AI content generators to create social media posts, paid search ads, and develop short news stories. It is fruitful to those busy content teams who need to spend much of their time generating long-form content. Using AI to write shorter pieces and human editors to verify can save your time and money. 

Able To Create The First Draft From Real-Time Data

Isn’t it nice to jump on a trend even before your competitors? It’s an obvious yes! It gives your company a distinct edge in getting to the top of search results for that particular topic. 

For instance, the companies who have published their first blog post about how their products help them deal with this severe coronavirus pandemic positioned themselves as leaders in their industries. These are the techniques you can use to get your content read by an audience

AI will grasp the data arriving in real-time or breaking news and put it into readable form. Then, it gets into the hands of the content team quickly to design, write and add other creative, emotional touches that hold the audience’s attention. 

Creating Innovative Outlines And Briefs

The management team of content spends a good amount of time writing briefs and detailed outlines for their writers, designers, and video production employees to follow. By using an AI-powered content-generating tool, you can save time. You don’t need to look online for information about the selected topic and then create an outline or even a complete brief. 

One such tool is MarketMuse that adds ideal KPIs and word counts to the mix. It gives writers not only an outline but the goals they need to achieve. After publication, if your content analysis shows that the post has not generated enough KPI, your writer can add a twist and change up the weak sections. 

Offer You Data-Based Recommendations

You won’t find AI tools that are capable of understanding that dept of emotion it takes to write an article. For example, that brings its reader to tears with their weepy selection of hopeless visionary people. Some of the pieces are with subtle humor for people who enjoy a laugh or two.  

Using an AI-driven tool like Uberflip that permits you to assemble data-based recommendations to your audience gives your blog. Also, email subscribers with a personalized experience that will let them believe that you are a company that can read their minds. 

Austin Digital Marketing Company combines those insights with an automation platform and can personalize and enhance your content marketing at a scale. However, AI won’t generate emotions, it personalized insights to those that will give your audience the pop of emotion. It will drive them further along in their buyer’s journey.

When it comes to content marketing, AI will help content marketers to enhance their activities. When you combine human skills with artificial intelligence, you can achieve fantastic results. The essential part is to build a team consisting of experts in artificial intelligence. They will form an idea of use cases of AI, code and put them into practice. 

Likewise, the data available to train and test AI systems is even essential. Irrelevant data jeopardizes the AI application’s precision and rendering them unreliable.

Our digital marketing agency will have seamless integration with third-party software that allows you to combine creativity. As a marketer, we have accepted artificial intelligence with open arms. It helps us to make our audience engage in a meaningful and profitable way. 

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