Career Opportunities & Pathways in Python

Change Is the only thing that will always be there. So in this fast-changing tech world, the popularity of Python as a programming and scripting language is increasing exponentially. Python has grabbed the attention of all companies as it is a free and open-source tool. As a result, it saves the companies cost needed for its licensing. As a reader, you still must be wondering, is it worth learning Python? Are there enough job opportunities available if I know Python. So here I will be showing you the different career opportunities that are available to you after learning Python.

Career opportunities with Python

As a developer, we must not only gain a theoretical understanding of Python. But we also need practical knowledge in Python. We need to work on various projects in Python before we can pull a job at a reputed company.

According to the latest surveys conducted by IEEE, Python is found to be the most popular language among developers for programming purposes. It is a popular language that is used by Data scientists to conduct their research and development in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Python is simple to learn; this reduces the time needed for the development of any application in Python. This has led to several applications being developed using Python. Moreover, Python also supports several library functions and frameworks that can be used for development in Web, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and so on.

According to recent job openings available on and, I found more than 65K jobs available for experts in Python at different locations in India.

However, people are unable to find the right set of skilled professionals due to a lack of practical experience. I will guide if you are looking for industry-oriented hands-on training enroll yourself for one of the Python Online Training at 3RI Technologies, to begin with, your successful career.

The average salary offered to any skilled Python expert ranges from 4 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending on expertise and location. Also, as you proceed with your career towards Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Python, you will get even higher salaries as the demand is more and supply is less.

Companies that have adopted Python

  • Do you know the most popular company in the domain of Search? Yes, it’s Google that uses Python for its search algorithms, for the internal systems, and APIs that are used for generating reports, and so on.
  • Nokia uses PyS60 and PyMaemo for its Symbian and Linux platforms.
  • IBM uses Python for control applications.
  • Yahoo uses Python for several mapping services used for lookup.
  • You all must have heard about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. The company that makes these animation cartoons, Walt Disney uses Python as a scripting language to create its animation.
  • NASA has developed a Workflow Automation system that is written and developed in Python.

Different job profiles for Python

Many companies are always on the lookout for Python experts with the necessary practical experience. So it is still an advantage to have Python as a skill in our resume.

  • Python developer

This is the most obvious job opportunity. There is always an opening available in a company for a Python developer. The primary task as a Python developer is to develop the website for the company. They are responsible for writing a code that can be reused and also efficient. They also need to write a script that protects data and provide security of data.

  • Data Analyst

It is an excellent opportunity who like playing with data. Companies these days, generate vast sets of data from various mediums. This data that is collected needs to be analyzed and interpreted to understand the scenario in the market. Also, Python provides SciPy, NumPy, and many other Python libraries that help in achieving this task of Data Analysis.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

First, let me explain to you Who is a Machine Learning Engineer is? A Machine Learning Engineer is a person who builds systems and trains them to use the experiences gained to make decisions like humans. These systems will make predictions based on the data fed in them. There is an exponential rise in positions that are open for a Machine Learning Engineer in India. Moreover, if you are a trained Python expert, you have the edge over the other candidates during an interview.

  • Product Manager

The Product Manager is a person in the company who is responsible for designing the features of a product that will be launched in the market. He makes this decision after a thorough study of market data. This position requires analyzing large sets of data; thus, a person with expertise in Python is preferred over others.

  • DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer is the person who needs to handle deploying updates and fixes for any application. Python is a flexible and accessible language. This makes it the best fit for DevOps teams. They use Python to develop applications for the web. It is also used to write scripts that can be used to visualize data. DevOps Engineer design functionality that can support maintenance and troubleshooting using Python.

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