Career Options in The Digital Marketing Industry

The World is going digital, everything is available online that is increasing the competition between the business owner in the online market. So, most of all business owner need to promote their business online to attract more customer and increase their sales. For this purpose, they need experts who know the techniques to create and maintain business value in the online market and digital marketers are the perfect choice for them. They like to hire digital marketing companies to take care of their online marketing need which is creating a lot of career opportunities in the digital marketing industry.

Major Roles in Digital Marketing

Ranging from analytics to social media, there is a variety of roles and opportunities available in the internet marketing industry, few of the major roles are as given below:

  • Digital Marketing Manager or Director

This can be considered as the highest position in the field of digital marketing as the digital marketing manager or directors take care the overall online promotional activities including marketing development planning strategies that will increase traffic and maximize the ROI. They undertake the online marketing campaign and responsible for each activity from the initial stage of planning of strategy of making changes to the website or execution of all other activities. For this position generally, companies preferred to hire digital marketing experts having 5-7 years of experience in the relevant field however the eligibility and qualification criteria can be different for each company.

  • Web Designer and Developer

These positions can be measured as the most technical positions in the digital marketing industry as they are responsible for the coding part of the website to make the site user and search friendly as per the recent marketing trends. For the position of web developer/designer require the candidate who have good command over the coding and have prior knowledge of Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS etc.. Experience on several CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, Big Commerce etc…. as per the recent trends may also require. However, the experience criteria may vary as per the requirement but some technical degree or certification may essential for this.

  • Social Media Executive/Manager

This can be considered as the coolest job in the digital marketing industry but it needs more attention and creativity as the field needs more dynamicity than other activities.  Social Media Executive/ Manager is responsible to manage business/brand awareness through social signals as well as they are required it keep check the social media trends and make the strategy accordingly. The social promotion should not be limited to Facebook and twitter but there are several other social platforms available that are popular among the people and should be included in marketing strategy.

  • SEO Executive/Expert

These people are responsible to optimize the business website as per the recent trends, drive traffic to the website and maintain the Search engine ranking (especially for Google as it is the most popular among the people) They also have to optimize content, researching for best keywords, research on several SEO tools, building sitemap, new backlink creation techniques and more.  For this job, role companies prefer to hire a candidate who has good analytical skills with technical knowledge.

  • Paid Marketing/ PPC Experts

These people are great in demand nowadays as they are responsible to generate leads for the website/business through paid marketing techniques. For this, they should know about Google Adwords and paid advertising platforms like Facebook and Amazon. They should also have great analytical skills as they are responsible to manage keywords for PPC, spilt ad groups, landing page optimization and give suggestion to generate ad copies and graphics etc..

  • Content Writer/Marketers

If you don’t like to work on the technical platform to good with writing skills then there are several opportunities for you as well.  In digital marketing, content plays a great role and there is a variety of content required for promotion for which they need writers with different expertise such as Technical Writing, business writing, social writing, new writing and many more. These writers should have good command over the English and must be creative as they are responsible to create content that attracts customers by keeping search engine guidelines in mind.

  • Influencers

These people are responsible to promote the brand and business through social platforms in a way that influence the people as they join it into your daily life. Similar to Social Media marketers they are also responsible to engage social media following with business. They also use relevant hashtags to any niche. For this job role, the person who has a good understanding of the social platforms and has a large fan following is preferred by the companies to be hired.

  • Bloggers

Bloggers are the person who is responsible to create, edit and publish the content to a blog or website. The primary goal of doing this is increasing relevant traffic to the website by sharing knowledgeable and informative content to the audience. They are also responsible for Affiliate Marketing to promote products, Google AdSense and maintain brand image and tone in all posts over the internet.

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Finally, there is a large number of career opportunities for digital professionals. As digitization endures at a fast step, that is why employers are looking for an expert digital marketer in their company and drive business goals such as leads, revenue, and brand awareness.

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