Church Text Messaging: 5 Ways Congregations Benefit From Texting

One or both of the two most common challenges faced by churches are attracting new members and keeping current members engaged in the life of the church. According to a Gallup poll, 70% of Americans were members of a church in 1999. As a result, expanding your network will only get more difficult.

Providing more individualized outreach is one way to boost development. Churchgoers are yearning for a sense of belonging; therefore, they appreciate the personal ties that can only be made through conventional means of communication, such as small groups and family dinners.

Attendees may already get email or paper notifications, but these methods aren’t as effective as they once were at grabbing their attention. People are throwing printed papers and emails are overflown.

As an alternative, use church text messaging to communicate directly with the people in your area. Text messages are superior to other forms of outreach because they are the next best thing to one-on-one interaction in real-time.

Text messaging may help your church expand. Here are five strategies to get the word out

  1. After A Service, Send Out An Automated Follow-up SMS

    Attendees must be reached in a medium they prefer if you want their attention (and they are sure to check almost instantly). More than 75% of people respond to business texts within an hour, and they use their messaging app more frequently than any other app on their phones.

    Helping more people Automation of SMS with essential information can be used to keep individuals from missing out on events that they should attend. Here are a few real-life instances to illustrate what I mean.

    Once you’ve made your first visit, send a welcoming message via text message. Request visitors’ mobile phone numbers and arrange to send them a text message immediately after their initial visit. Texting software allows you to send the same message to everyone on a list, but with their first names added.

  2. Encourage Participation By Using Keywords

    Text Bible passages or messages related to your sermons to your audience on a daily or weekly basis to stay in touch with them. Subscribers may easily be added by texting in a keyword, such as “devotions.” Advertise the keyword orally, on-screen, or printed on flyers and posters during the service. Always let your subscribers know that they can unsubscribe at any moment by sending them a confirmation email.

  3. Increase Charitable Contributions

    When you make it easy for your members to donate, they’re more inclined to do so again and again in the future. Sending a link to your church’s donation website through text message allows members to give immediately from their phone via church text messaging.

    According to, the number of mobile donations increased by 205 percent in 2017. In light of our constant reliance on our devices, the tendency makes sense. From depositing checks through our banking applications to reading the news on our way to work or checking our social media feeds, we can do just about anything these days. Another benefit of texting is that it allows members to make donations with their credit or debit cards, which is becoming rare among adults. For example, you could create an auto-reply message with the phrase “GIVE” and a link to the donation page.

  4. Keep Your Volunteers Up-To-Date On The Latest Developments

    The more people who know about impending possibilities and last-minute openings, the more volunteers you’ll have available at any particular event. If a volunteer cancels at the last minute, it may be difficult to find a replacement. Send a mass text message to your contacts asking if anyone can step in instead of making individual phone calls.

    The number of attendees must be increased as well to cherish the event. If you attend a church, you’re likely to participate in a variety of activities. When it comes to promoting forthcoming events, registering guests, and keeping them engaged throughout, texting is the way to go.

    Attendees who are required to sit for lengthy periods of time might benefit greatly from the convenience of texting while doing so. It’s not always easy to hold their interest! Create an engaging experience for the audience to engage in. Allowing audience members to text in their questions would be a good example.

  5. Improved Communication With Members of The Youth Group

    Build your youth group’s attendance through establishing personal connections and disseminating information via text message. In order to show the younger members of the church that you care about them, send out meeting reminders and encourage them to come to the youth group by checking in frequently and telling them of the meeting’s agenda.

    In the same way, small groups like daycare and women’s meetings at your church are a terrific way to create relationships with members outside of church time and make them feel valued and part of the community.

Group SMS has the capability of inviting the attendees at once for the event. When you send the same message to a large group, each receiver will get the message as a private message. As a bonus, since you won’t be bombarded with individual messages, if someone has a query or needs to let you know they won’t be in that week, you’ll just be privy to the text chat with that one person.

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