Complete Guide on Beard Transplant and How Much It Costs

Today, there is a steady rise in beard transplant surgery. It involves plastic surgery, which is an ideal exercise for men who look forward to having a more dense or voluminous beard. The treatment involves several techniques, just like the ones seen in other hair transplant procedures via the FUE method.

The practice has become very popular among young men ages 20 and 30. These are men looking forward to enhancing their facial hair appearance.

If you are new to the whole issue that concerns the science of transplantation, you will assume the hair will come from the donor. However, in this case, it does not. The doctor uses the hair that grows at the back of your head since it is genetically made to be permanent. It is the best hair to use for your beard transplantation procedures.

Do you consider having a beard transplant? Many guys out there who follow this route aims to improve self-confidence. It is something everyone would want to improve. On that note, this guide gives you information on everything you need to know in regard to a beard transplant.

What is the beard transplant surgery?

Just like the traditional restoration of hair, beard transplant surgery involves the transplantation of hair from one part of the body to your beard. It is always known as the recipient site. In a situation where the procedure is carried effectively, this treatment can restore lost hair

permanently. It is less invasive, which makes it an outpatient procedure. That means you as the patient. You can go back to your home the same day after the beard transplant procedure.

How it works

Just like other kinds of hair transplants, there are a few methods that can be employed for the restoration of the beard. The most popular of all the methods used is the FUE (follicular unit extraction). But you can as well try other options like the Follicular unit transplantation, which is the FUT. Some people would opt to go for the platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP). Before undergoing any of the procedures, you will need to discuss these methods so that you can decide to choose the one you feel is the best for you. It will depend on factors like your health and expectation for the particular treatment.

Before going through any facial hair transplant, your doctor needs to evaluate your hair consistency on the receiving end. The recipient area should be matched with a suitable donor site. It will give you natural-looking results. That means beard hair could be extracted from your head, chest, armpits, or any other area. It all depends on what is most suitable.

For a beard transplant surgery, it is simple. Patients can return to their places of work or their routine after two days. However, it is normal to see some swelling around the donor and recipient areas. This can happen for a couple of weeks after the treatment but eventually disappears. You will notice signs of hair growth in three months. But, in most cases, it may take a year to have final results.

Reasons to undergo beard transplant surgery

You can undergo beard transplant treatment for different reasons. It could work for cosmetic or medical reasons. The cosmetic purpose is the common reason why patients choose to have this procedure. It helps you regain natural-looking hair on the beard area and solves patchiness.

It is also a treatment viable for patients in search of concealment around the beard area. The facial transplant treatment can be used to conceal things like birthmarks, acne, or solve other related issues.

Beard transplant cost

The costs for beard transplants aren’t cheap. They can cost upward from $15000. It all depends on the number of grafts required. You will, however, need to discuss the cost matters with you, doctor, during the consultation. Often, the surgeon’s offer different payment plans such that you may not pay the full amount up-front. However, you still should not put yourself in financial difficulty to go through beard surgery.

Before the treatment, your doctor will have to examine your scalp and face to know if you qualify for the procedure. Consultation may need cost as well, but this will depend on your doctor. When making the appointment, you need to be sure to know the amount of money required for everything. Being cosmetic –procedures, beard transplant surgery is not covered by insurance.

Unlike people suffering from the loss of hair, men who need the beard transplant will not lose more hair from the time they make up their mind to go for this procedure if they can’t afford it. Since it is not an emergency case, there is no rush to have the procedure if you do not have enough money. It is good to wait until you can afford to pay for it.


Beard implant is one of the ways to fill in the gaps in your beard. It helps you establish a beard where one grew before. Factors that you should consider while it includes cost and the type of surgery that is effective. Whatever decision you go for, always talk to your doctor to avoid risks that may come with it.

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