Coolest Outdoor BBQ Kitchen & Rangehood Options

If you are looking for convenience while cooking grilled foods, then shopping for an outdoor BBQ rangehood is the best option. Not only is it convenient, but it also helps to eliminate strong smells, smoke, and grill from your kitchen and alfresco areas. You can keep your outdoor space stylish and clean by installing a good quality rangehood. This way you can enjoy outdoor dining and BBQ lawn parties whenever you fancy.

What do you mean by BBQ outdoor rangehood?

Just like your indoor rangehood or kitchen hood, an outdoor rangehood is an exhaust system that helps remove airborne grease, fumes, heat, steam, and smoke from the out-of-door kitchen. The internal fan and special filter also capture all sorts of odours. Compared to the indoor rangehood, an outdoor rangehood has a very powerful exhaust system that is exclusively designed for outdoor use. You can also notice that the BBQ rangehood may have extra secure flue kit and top level heat protection from the big grill that is kept below. Such heavy duty device is perfect for an outdoor environment.

Why do you need an outdoor BBQ vent or rangehood?

An outdoor vent hood draws a large amount of heat, smoke, and grease from your outside alfresco area so that cooking is fun and enjoyable outdoors. Nowadays, you do not find people huddled over a small grill at the edge of the patio that can accommodate only one person to check the grilled foods. The recent trend is having an entire outdoor functional kitchen with all your family members and friends joining you for spending a lovely time in the open-air area within your property. Having a large-sized range-hood above the grill can prevent unnecessary fire hazards and your guests won’t have to bat away billows of steam or smoke from their faces. Your clothes will also not smell like the grilled food you are making during the BBQ session.

Benefits of having an outdoor vent hood:

 Let us consider other beneficial facts of having an outdoor vent hood:

  • Your exterior walls or ceilings closest to the grill area won’t be blackened due to excessive smoke and oily grease exposure.
  • Your exterior walls can be saved from peeling or discolouration over a period of time.
  • Vent hoods are compulsory in areas where the grill or cooking equipment is kept under an unsafe or combustible structure.
  • You can enjoy quiet BBQ moments with loved ones under the halogen lights that are fixed in the range-hood system.
  • Your outdoor setting and cooking surface looks beautiful with the extra halogen lights attached to the range-hood.

Range hood is a sophisticated outdoor application with multi-purpose uses. It is a fairly modern approach to outdoor cooking. They may be costly but you can conduct a detailed online search for approaching the best BBQ outdoor furniture and appliance providers in Australia. It is advisable to plan your outdoor BBQ kitchen area and install a good quality BBQ rangehood when you build your home rather than trying to install the vent hood afterward.

While installing a new indoor and outdoor cooking range, you are obviously going to need exhaust hoods. There is a wide range of options available in the market for exhaust hoods such as ducted hood models and ductless hoods. You can choose one or more according to your kitchen range and budget. If you understand what a range hood is used for, then you may also know the primary features of both ducted and ductless rangehood models. Range hoods help you maintain a cleaner kitchen and save your time and money over their upkeep. Whether it is for your home or restaurant, a quality range hood reduces the gross cooking odours and prevents them from spreading all over the area and indoor space.

 Ducted range-hood features:

  • They are more common exhaust system as compared to ductless models.
  • They can limit your kitchen design as they cannot be moved once installed.
  • A ducted vent hood is connected to a duct along with pipes.
  • Ducted range hoods are more popular for indoor kitchen areas.
  • Ducted carry the duct and smoke away from the indoor kitchen area to the outdoors.

 Ductless range-hood features:

  • Ductless vent hoods can be installed outdoor and indoors.
  • They do not need duct support and can be installed as well as removed from one area to another.
  • Ductless vent hoods use recirculation process to filter the sucked air and blowing back fresh air
  • The filter includes activated carbon components that help remove the odours and dust particles from the air .
  • You may have to clean the charcoal filter twice in a year.
  • You need to spend money on maintenance for cleaning and replacing the range-hood at least once a year.

Outdoor BBQ Range-Hood or Exhaust Hood Range

There are five kinds of outdoor BBQ range-hood or exhaust hood available in Australia:

  • Simple outdoor kitchen exhaust hood
  • Outdoor custom made exhaust hood that is created specifically to suit your outdoor needs
  • Excelsior exhaust hoods
  • Euro range-hoods
  • Silent motor range-hoods

There are various outdoor kitchen appliances that you can install to enjoy a fantastic outdoor kitchen and cooking experience. Right from boiling delicious pot of corn to getting a chilled beer from the outdoor fridge, you can invest in outdoor kitchen appliances that add to your enjoyment and convenience for a wondrous backyard outdoor cooking or party scene.

If you want guests to make themselves comfortable in an outdoor setting, it is also better not to overlook the fact that small details like keeping a mini outdoor fridge or installing a top model BBQ range-hood can help in many ways. It can encourage your guests to remain outdoors and in a jolly mood. You can also bask in the envy of your neighbours who are admiring your brand-new alfresco kitchen.

Small acts like washing your hands in the outdoor sink area while grilling raw chicken or meat can seem like a novel experience when you have invested in n swanky outdoor kitchen model. You can do an online search for buying outdoor furniture and appliances. Many online vendors offer seasonal discounts and cool deals on the purchase of two or more outdoor units from their e-stores. You can grab these offers and turn your boring outdoor area into a happening place.

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