Design tricks in creating a “smart interior” for your home – the little secrets of stylish decor

Sometimes, using small items can give the best result in the work. For example, it can be paintings, lamps, mirror or living plants. You’ll probably want to soften the colors of your walls, decorate your room, or add some heat to your living space. We offer today at the Design Museum a look at these clever tips that can inspire you!

  1. Paint a small room in light colors

    The living room pictured above shows how you can maximize a small living space. A room of this size may seem cramped, but glass doors, large windows, light walls help reflect natural sunlight. Widespread use of mirrors creates an optical illusion that allows the room to appear larger than it actually is. Conversely, darker shades make it seem much smaller.

    Even with an abundance of natural light and strategic placement of mirrors, the same room, painted in darker colors, will seem like a prison.

  2. Mirrors will instantly add more light to your home

    In the photo above, mirrors are used as an example of interior design in order to visually expand a small space. For large rooms, or in any dark room, they are usually placed directly opposite the window to instantly bring in more light. Decorative mirrors can also be hung on the wall instead of paintings to fill the space. Large or small, these beautiful decor items fit perfectly into any interior, and work properly in the right direction.

  3. Mix different in one interior

    There’s nothing wrong with putting family heirlooms next to your modern sofa. Any good interior decorator will say that the most important aspect for decorating a home is its reflection of your personality and style.

    Grandpa’s antique desk, for example, can tell a lot about his past. A modern sofa or comfortable chair that you love will tell the story of the present, and there is no reason to object why our past and present cannot coexist harmoniously together.

    You may not want to place Salvador Dali paintings on the same wall next to Monee, but there is no prohibition as to why they can’t be in the same room. A variety of texture materials, whether furniture, carpets or pillows, all sorts of colors and patterns can bring warmth and comfort to your living space.

  4. Cases are something special and convenient!

    Covers are often poorly reported, but these are really amazing things. They can serve as a means to change the appearance of your furniture; they can be changed every season. These coatings are easily removed, which will allow the armchairs and sofas to always be in perfect shape, and not to worry constantly that someone accidentally soils them or spills something’s

    The cases are ideal for rooms where children are often. Look at the photo above, dear readers of the Design Museum. The white covers that cover the classic living room furniture create an atmosphere of freshness, convenience and simplicity combined with sophisticated elegance.

  5. Whipped Baskets

    These functional items are an economical and elegant way to add extra storage space to any room. In baskets you can put a variety of things and items: books, magazines, children’s toys, towels, blankets and more.

    Place a couple of small woven baskets on the kitchen countertop. They will not only decorate the interior of the room, but also create convenient places for storing fruits and vegetables.

  6. Use everything you have to decorate

    In each house there are items that are not used anywhere, and lie, perhaps even packed somewhere in boxes, so they need to give a second life. But your living space is so in need of some fresh accessories!

    Instead of going to the store, take a good look at what you already have. Trays, plates, utensils made of wood, acrylic, metal or silver can be beautifully placed on the shelf. On bedside tables, coffee tables – arrange candles, photos within or book. The plates can be hung on the wall to create beautiful art.

    In the children’s bedroom you can make the decor of the room yourself, decorating the drawings in beautiful walls and racks. This design of the game and bathroom for children will give the premises individuality and originality. You’ll be amazed at how a space decorated with what you already have can transform!

  7. Add a hanging pan holder to the kitchen

    We spend most of our time there, whether it’s cooking, relaxing, having a family dinner or lunch. Suspended pots and pans on tripods give this room elegance and is a fashionable trend in the kitchen interior. Such holders always create the feeling that the dishes placed on them are in constant readiness for use.

    All items are in plain sight, so it takes only a couple of seconds to choose the right one. In addition, freed shelves in the closet can always be taken away to store other items. Hardly anyone will complain about enough free space to place kitchen utensils. You’re not one of them?

  8. Add plants

    Is your home short of living plants? Add them to every room, whether it’s small or big. Plants are an inexpensive means to decorate the premises, adding freshness and color.

    They not only perform an aesthetic function, but are also able to clean the air and balance humidity. Plants absorb pollutants and remove harmful gases. Probably, there is no such house, where the subject of interior decor would not act live greenery!

  9. Paint your bookcases

    Fashionable colors can instantly decorate and liven up any room! It’s amazing how something as simple as a layer of bright paint immediately activates and transforms space. This walled bookcase, which you see in the photo above, would look too boring and joyless without the bright blue color on the inside.

    Perhaps painting is the easiest and cheapest way to turn dull objects into something unexpected. Bookcases are the perfect place to experiment because you don’t need to cover too much area. It is interesting and fun to paint in fashionable colors a lot of objects and surfaces in the house, including fireplaces, interior walls of cabinets, children’s furniture, hallways and ceilings.

  10. Use mats to soften parquet floors

    The mats give warmth and can add more texture, color and personality to your home. The parquet floors are beautiful and easy to maintain, but they lack the comfort that carpeting offers, especially in the colder months.

    A carpet area can add fun and functionality to your living space. Use different patterns and fabrics together to demonstrate your individuality. Or add a few carpets of the same fabric, but different textures and colors. Here the possibilities for your imagination are endless.

    You can change the mats with the season in mind, using warm tones and soft fabrics for colder months, and lighter for warmer days. There are many excellent cotton models that are easy to wash and ideal for families with children.

In fact, there is no reason to explain why houses with toddlers cannot be stylish with unusual interior items.

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