DesignCap, a Digital Graphic Design Tool

DesginCap is an online Digital Graphic Design tool that allows us to make multiple digital creations to share.

DesignCap is a digital graphic design tool that allows us to create designs very easily.

The emergence of web 2.0 brought with it a website with tools that allowed information to be shared in a very simple way. Among these tools, social networks became correct platforms for social content, which little by little have evolved to bring us a lot of image content. And video.

With this high production of visual content, many tools have emerged that allow us to create very good quality visual material very easily. Within these tools DesignCap graphic designersoffers us a very practical tool to use and very clear in its interface, opening the range of options for emerging digital graphic design, that is, users who design without being.

Simple interface increases productivity.


As you can see the interface is very simple; you can create a custom size design and integrate the elements that will shape it.

The elements can be selected from the justify side and the work canvas on the right side, you can also see that the work can be shared from the Share button, either to add other designers or just show the work.

Design from a template

In addition to working with a custom design, you can choose one of the templates that DesginCap offers us a large number of Templates which divide into two categories:

  1. Marketing and events.

    1. Infographics
    2. Flyers.
    3. Cards, etc.
  2. Graphics for Social Media.

    1. Facebook covers.
    2. Graphic for Pinterest.
    3. The header for Twitter etc.

Features Available in DesignCap

As we hinted at in the previous paragraph, the first of the features available on the DesignCap website starts with the process where you don’t need to hire a designer to design an ad. Be creative and merge it with templates available on your website and you will be able to create billboards. With a lot of practice, your performance will improve. You will definitely be a contender for designers, because fundamentally this is how they learn and become designers.

The second feature, the site comes with a lot of free images that can be used, you can use it according to what suits you best, whereas you will find that the site places you with categories of images to facilitate you sorting and selecting the most appropriate image for your topic, and this indicates the professionalism and flexibility of the site with users.

The third feature provides you with many essential and vital tools in the design of your site, such as the tools you find in programs to modify images, and a range of fonts. This site only provides these main features, but I will let you explore other features yourself.

The price of the DesignCap

website service provides you with a completely free service through which you can benefit from usable templates and photos that can be used and modified, but they remain limited and numbered. Unlike the paid version, you can benefit from a lot of templates and images without restrictions, while if we are less secure, it is more appropriate. It is appropriate that you find the paid package valued at $ 5 per month, and this is repeated one mini service from a designer, and here is a choice for you.


Follow the tips of the DesginCap learning center


DesginCap creates a space in which to share design tips, seasonal design ideas, and many others.

One of the conditions for emerging digital graphic design is continuous training, as these tools are often used by people without digital graphic design training, which is why timely advice and recommendations are needed. To help us improve authoring and make better use of the tools ’capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that DesignCap is available in Freemium format and its subscription plan is very easy to obtain compared to other similar services.

Without a doubt, web applications for all digital graphic design professionals and apprentices are highly recommended.

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