Diamond Definition, History with Obscure Energies

A true definition of diamond is “I love you”, in a very delicate romantic style of expression. It is a slogan that everyone has heard more than one times in life “ a diamond is forever”. We say this because this stone is symbol of everlasting love that goes ahead on each coming day of life and because of the fact that it is the hardest gemstone across world that is also used in industry.

The diamond is the gift of every anniversary marriage to make the memories of life eternal. It is Aries Birthstone that is dedicated to the month of April. It is trusted that its origin is India back to 3000 years and inhabitants of ancient India used to consider a religious icon.

History of Diamond

If we study history, it comes to us that in past it was used to inscribe the tools as it is the hardest substance that is found in all continents of the world. Back in the 600 AD, it was found in Borneo and in 1700’s Brazil was declared a rich source for the diamond and in 1800’s South Africa started largest supply of the diamond across the world.

In ancient Greeks this gemstone was given a name “adamas” having meaning “invulnerable”. Ancient Greece people used to consider diamond, a muscular power of their warriors. In past all civilizations of the world used to admire the beauty and hardness of this stone.

Magical Powers and Traits of Diamond

Many magical, obscure, positive and healing traits are related with the diamond. Here are the most reliable and trusted attributes of diamond

  • It has mystical power to unite the mid with the body.
  • Diamond is precious and the hardest stone that open many spiritual doors for the wearers.
  • It is considered a symbol of perfections because of its durable characteristic.
  • When a person starts to wear this gemstone, as time passes he feels many improvements in his life like to enhance a power to cultivate clear ideas for leading a very good life. This enhancement of the power gives clear and positive remedies to all problems.
  • It is also trusted that diamond is very helpful for the improvement of multidirectional energies to grow prosperity, faith, patience and love in life.
  • This stones has magical attraction for creative power, self-respect, harmony, courage, and innocence.
  • It fills the chasms of negativity in one’s personality by healing the power of love and care in oneself
  • This stone assists you to set and achieve your dream and destiny.
  • In slow mode it creates a state of mind of the owner in which he feels satisfied, calmed and increased positive mental attitude.
  • Diamond saves the owner from development of negative energies and also restricts the stress, emotional pains and fear.
  • In every era of history, it was believed that this stones is protector from thieves, poison, fire and illness.
  • It has come in experience that for getting high level benefits from diamond, use the diamond around the neck and on justify the hand.

Scientific Analysis of Diamond

  • As diamond is the hardest mineral , it has high regard for its beauty and extremely high reflection power
  • Diamond always sparkles and gives fresh look.
  • According to the scientific theory, diamond is made of carbon elements that are strongly bonded that create stiffness and the strength in the gemstone.
  • There is no hardest substance in world like diamond.
  • Naturally diamond is colorless but due to some impurities of light elements like nitrogen, this gemstone is also found in colors like brown, red, green, orange, blue and pink.

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