Different Types of Folding Step Stool

I think having a folding step stool around your house is one of the most important things that you can do. When I was growing up we never really had one around the house, but there was one in my grandparents’ home. So I think people naturally assume that this is something for ‘old people’ that can’t reach up high without the fear of falling. Well, we all fall into that category. This is a nice little thing to have around the home when you do have to reach up high. Most people seem to put heavy awkward stuff up high in the kitchen cabinets or in their closet. It’s nice to have something to step up on that is sturdy.

But that is what it is all about though. It’s having this sturdy thing to stand on. I have chairs that I’ve stood on before, but they’re not sturdy. They wobble at the joints and it makes it difficult to even gain balance. It’s just not a safe way of doing things. A simple step stool is enough to reach things and your children can use it too. Let them step up to do dishes and learn responsibilities.

Wooden Folding Step Stool

Wooden Folding Step Stool

You’re going to notice a lot of these stools on the market are going to be made out of plastic or some sort of metal, but I think the wooden folding step stool looks really nice. It’s something that you would probably leave out in plain view because it actually has a nice finish to it. I’ve included a picture of one to the right, so you can get a pretty good idea of what it looks like. They have a very nice finish on them, which allows them to fit into just about any style home and looks good.

There are many different kinds that you can get. Surprisingly Cosco is a very big maker of this type of wooden step stool and does a very good job of it. I really like their Mahogany look. But you’ll also find other makers like Winsome Wood and Samsonite. There are a lot of them available and I obviously can’t talk on this site about them all, so I’m going to leave you a link below for you to browse a wide selection of them. Just click the link and you can go through the different kinds on the next page.

Rubbermaid Two Step Folding Step Stool

Rubbermaid Two Step Folding Step Stool

If you’re looking to get something that is cheaper than you’re going to go with plastic. The Rubbermaid folding step stool is probably the best on the market when it comes to being made of plastic. They have a very sturdy design and they put rubber bottoms on the legs (this helps to prevent any sort of sliding). I put a picture to the right of a standard two-step stool that is white.

This particular stool might not seem like much, but it can hold upwards of 300lbs. That makes it a very strong stool and something that will work for most people. The actual weight of this Rubbermaid product is around 6.4lbs, so it’s completely lightweight and you can easily store it where you want. I have a link below that you can click on to learn more about this particular stool. Make sure you take a look at the reviews people have given it.

Folding Step Stool Chair

Folding Step Stool Chair

This is something that I heard a lot about, but it isn’t that common. It’s actually pretty hard to find a folding step stool with a seat. But I was able to locate one on Amazon. You can see the image to the right and it is known as a retro chair step stool. This particular item is made by Cosco.

I wish I could show you a bunch more that you could look at, but this is the only one I was able to find and it is at Amazon. I leave you with a link to take a look and you can see for yourself what it would be like.

Browse All of Them

I can only talk about so many of these folding step stools on one page, so I’m going to let you browse all of them that are on Amazon. You can find many different brands and designs. The two-step design is probably about the most common, but you can find three steps and one step. I’m sure there are some other designs that are a little less common. You’ll just have to browse through them all and see what you can find. I have a link below for you to click on to take a look at them all.

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