Drill Press Safety

If you want to be safe, don’t wear separate clothes. And tie long hair. Wear glasses. Wearing gloves is prohibited. Avoid putting other things on the drill press table. Never adjust the drill press or setup while running. Never press the chalk key. Use a brush or rake to remove wood shots, or to remove drilled wood powder.

We know what the drill press is. We also know how to drill or design with a drill press. But those of us who are new, have never used my drill press before, need to know about drill press safety first. Here will have about how to work you will have well. Drill press safety about, all information.

Before operating a drill press, it is important to know the safety of the drill press

Before using the drill press you will need to undergo low-intensity and basic specific safety training. And if you want to be safe, you have to wear PPE. Read all articles to know about safety.



  • Learn to turn it on and off. That means learn how to turn the drill press on or off.
  • Wear eyeglasses when working with a drill press. This is because a lot of wood turns and loose sand flies while drilling.
  • And use a nose mask, because the wood smells bad when drilling, and the wood powder flies, which is a big problem if it gets into your nose, so the mask is necessary for your safety.
  • Keep hands empty, gloves cannot be worn.
  • Tie your hair, wear tight clothing.
  • Take off all the jewelry, even the ring on your hand.
  • Do not try to stop the chalk. Spindle with your hands.
  • Always keep hands and fingers away from the drill bit. Because it is dangerous.
  • Always keep the floor around the drill and below the drill clean. That is, keep oil and grease-free.
  • Do not run the drill press unhindered and run with adequate rest. And don’t try to drill with the drill with extra pressure.
  • If the machine breaks down while working, turn the machine off, and call a skilled person.
  • You need to keep away from any kind of risk and this is where work boots comes very handy.
  • I think so, It is the duty of every drill press user to follow this information.
  • Defective tools cannot be used. Report suspicious equipment immediately.


  • Thoroughly clean all work tools and drill press tables before use.
  • Do the arts, then center the arts on the wood, and carefully lock the drill bit into the chuck.
  • Turn off the drill press before changing belts for speed.
  • Before drilling the drill bit, it should be a quarter of four-inch away from the place where you will be working.
  • Make sure the table lock has been tightened
  • Do not set up drill press in deep holes or high and low places.


  • Never start the drill press with a drill bit in a place other than the place where you will be working.
  • Always use cut oil when drilling the metal.
  • Remember that from deep holes and from high to low places, the drill bit goes back.
  • Always manage your drill press nicely within your capacity, or as the drill demands (at the appropriate speed).
  • When the bits start to break, increase the speed of the drilling pressure.
  • When someone finishes the work of the drill press, and for someone the power must be turned off before leaving the drill press, and the machine must be completely shut off….
  • Turn off the machine and clean it with a brush.


  • Do not touch drill bits and shaves immediately after turning off the machine. Because they are very hot after drilling.
  • Use a vacuum or brush, not with your hands, to wipe at the end of work. Because it has a kind of bad smell, it should not touch your hands.
  • When the drill press is done, wipe the drill bit and other things neatly with a brush, arranging them in the appropriate place. That will give you comfort in the next job.
  • Clean the floor area of the drill table and cutting and scrap pieces


  • Do not try to oil the machine or adjust the work in any way during the drill press.
  • All belts and shields must be protected; If farad belts or loops are observed, the drill press must To be taken from the service and belts or shifts to be replaced.
  • Sometimes do not try to remove any broken drill with center punch or hammer.


I can say with full confidence that the information given in this article is sufficient for drill press safety. Because it fully discusses about safety.

I always prioritize these safety when I work. And I’ve seen a lot of good, skilled mechanics do these things.

But I will say your decision in your case. It is your responsibility to accept or reject this information.  But you can work if you follow it completely. I don’t think there will be anything wrong.

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