Drink Water to Build Muscle Growth

Building muscle shape your body and drinking water shape the insides of your body. Water is the root cause of keeping the body and mind healthy. Most of the body-builders do not consider water important rather they prefer to consume chocolate milk, protein shakes and other fluids to rehydrate their body. But, water in its natural form provides various essential nutrients to the body. Water is not only vital for bodybuilding but also for healthy metabolic functions. A healthy body and healthy mind, pave the way for a better life. If your goal is to acquire an attractive physique then, don’t you forget to drink water to build muscle growth.

Role of water

Water is the building block of life. Consequently, an adult human body contains about 60% water. The brain is made up of 75% and the bones are 25% water. Water provides those essential minerals and nutrients that your body cannot produce on its own. Energy is not provided by the water but it does help in the transformation of energies. Water acts as the carrier carrying nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates to every part and every cell in the body. It also carries wastes and toxins out of the body through perspiration and urination. It acts as a greasing medium for joints and keeps the skin moisturized and glowing. It keeps the body temperature in check.

Build muscle with H2O!

Building muscles help you get in shape, reduce the disease factors and enhance metabolic rates. Water is the main ingredient required in the movement of muscles. Drinking water makes it easier for you to build muscles healthily and more efficiently. Working out in the gym results in the loss of water through perspiration. Replenishing this loss becomes one of the major tasks of your post-workout activities. Now, let’s look into some advantages of drinking water for a muscle builder:

  • Water contains carbs and electrolytes that help the neuro muscles work systematically resulting in an excellent muscular response.
  • Water helps in faster and complete food digestion and therefore avoiding the storage of food in the body which leads to weight loss and gaining of muscle mass.
  • Water acts as a transportation medium for oxygen delivering it to every cell in the body. Consequently, there are healthy tissues and muscles ready to workout.
  • Water helps in the easy movement of joints making it easy for weightlifting and avoiding muscle cramps.
  • An attractive body not only includes a robust body but also a glowy and blooming skin. Water keeps the skin moisturized boosting its health.
  • Due to intense workout, muscle temperature increases. Drinking water brings cools the body down and regulates body temperature.
  • After working out, the body becomes dehydrated and any kind of mild dehydration can cause damage to your kidneys. Drinking the right amount of water is the best way to prevent this damage.

Impacts of Dehydration

Dehydration is the result of the non-restoration of the lost water in the body. It causes an imbalance in bodily functions. Because of dehydration, muscles lose electrolytes. It can damage the coordination of neuro muscles with a decrements in the thinking capacity and concentration. Since muscles are controlled by nerves, the muscular response will slow down. Blood pressure increases, a great amount of reduction in endurance, stability, and strength can also be seen. The synovial fluid which is a natural grease that lubricates the joints will reduce and the joints stay unprotected leading to muscle cramps.

Tips to keep you hydrated

As a fitness geek, it’s important to keep a check on how much water you are drinking every day and whether you have included all those foods that contain water. Check out these easy tips to keep you hydrated:

  • Drink water before and after the workout.
  • Drink at least 6-7 liters of water every day.
  • Melons contain 90% and other fruits like peaches, pineapple and oranges contain 80% water.
  • Vegetables like lettuce, asparagus, cucumber, tomatoes contain 90% water.

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