Eight Practical Tools to Create an Infographic 2020

In the era of 4G and the smartphones that follow us into the bathroom, the internet has set its sights on a resource that it wants to consume at high speed: information.

Brands must adapt and find new ways to communicate efficiently, quickly, and in new ways. In this category, computer graphics is an interesting resource to use.

Why create an infographic?

Computer graphics is a tool with high added value that will allow you to:

Communicate information in an original way

Simplify and understand information faster

Attract attention (get social media and media shares)

Which sites should you use to create an infographic?

Today this post is going to focus on online tools that can make your life easier if you want to create an infographic. The interest of these sites is that the user is not obliged to have graphic skills to give life to this data.

Here, if you don’t want to start from scratch and have not any experience to use complicated graphics programs, this list would quite help you create infographics in mintues.


DesignCap offers you a large library of templates classified by different categories to start your infographic design. Also, if you have some keywords, then you can enter your keywords to match the related templates. Sounds a good setting? Add your data easily and quickly to bring them to life and add the modules you want by drag & drop. You can create the most popular graphic no more than infographic as it prepare a wide range of template dimension.  It is a simple and fully customizable tool.


Super easy to use, Infogram allows you to create all types of media (reports, infographics, maps, etc.) from an XCL or CSV file. Your data will automatically be transformed into visualizations such as graphs, diagrams, etc.

Available in the free version, and then the paid versions start from $19 per month.


Piktochart is one of the most used infographic creation tools. It can also be used to create online presentations or slideshows. With few templates available, it will suit novices who do not want to create overly complicated infographics. The finished file can be shared by link or downloaded as is.


As its name suggests, Easelly allows you to create infographics very easily and quickly. Although its interface seems a bit austere, you will have access to an extensive range of tools (images, texts, videos, animation, etc.) to drag on your page for infinite customization. Allow $ 4 per month to create as many infographics as you want and to access a more extensive library of templates.


Visme offers a library enriched every day with many very complete templates that will allow you to create an infographic quickly. Its free version will do the trick, but it will take $ 14/ month bill yearly to unlock certain features. A small bonus, you can create animations to give life to your data.


Canva no longer presents itself. It is the preferred tool of budding creators. If you want to liven up your social networks with cool visuals but don’t know anything about Photoshop: Canva is for you! Rich in a huge library of various templates (presentations, publications, CVs, business cards, etc. ), including cool infographics and very easy to customize. There is no more.


Adioma is a very complete tool that will allow you to create your drag & drop infographics super easily using a vast palette of super cool icons. It’s your turn.


Vizualize Me is a slightly different tool that deserved to appear in this selection. Thanks to VM, you can easily create an original CV: this tool will directly draw information from your Facebook and LinkedIn page to create the infographic of your life. Once the data has been imported, you can customize your CV as you wish.

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