Elegant Dresses From Orient For Your Convincing Appearance

A dress is one of the most feminine items of clothing. Due to the variety of different lengths, colors and patterns, the right model flatters the respective female figure very well and even problem areas can be concealed without any problems. At the same time, chic clothes are incredibly diverse and changeable. Let yourself be inspired, for example, by monochrome creations as well as by wonderfully colorful mixes.

Virtually anything is possible when it comes to the choice of materials – from elegant classics such as linen, silk and cotton to comfortable, soft jersey fabrics. Enjoy the wide selection of fashionable clothes at Orient – from light summer dresses in midi length to warming winter dresses made of wool.

Elegant Dresses

Feminine look for wonderful celebrations and stylish days in the office

Elegant dresses for women are suitable for the perfect appearance at celebrations – whether for baptism, at a reception, for a vernissage or at the opera. Exquisite dresses that are knee-length made of noble, shimmering material or with lace elements are very popular with women for a theater evening or for larger family gatherings. Models with a shoulder-free cut look particularly elegant. If it is a long women’s dress, only admiring glances are reserved for you.

We at Orient know that you, as our loyal customer, place great value on the right material in addition to the cut. That’s why we make sure that the fabrics in all models perfectly highlight the feminine features and at the same time flatter feminine silhouettes.

For example, elastic materials are very supple and can be worn comfortably on long days or evenings. A classic model with more subtle colors and clear lines is a good choice for the office. With an appropriate business dress, you show your femininity without appearing too conspicuous because your competence is in the foreground – a very good decision.

We offer you, for example, Lawn dresses or Cotton dresses in matching pattern mixes. You can also simply opt for a printed dress with a floral print. You can certainly wear these classics for a long time and they are always top-styled. A classic model with more subtle colors and clear lines is a good choice for the office. With an appropriate business dress, you show your femininity without appearing too conspicuous because your competence is in the foreground – a very good decision.

The women’s dress – the perfect after-work and leisure outfit

The right dress also brings a special flair in everyday life. Enjoy the special look, for example, when strolling through town or visiting a cafe with a friend. Of course, we also pay attention to the best quality and workmanship for casual clothes for leisure time. This means you will always be well dressed. Simply opt for a modern dress that you will enjoy for a long time.

Lawn dresses with long sleeves, for example, are a timeless wardrobe that can be combined in different ways. In winter with tights, they are the perfect alternative to jeans and a blouse. Short dresses are loosely cut and are suitable for the transitional period as well as for cooler evenings on the beach – create your individual outfit, for example with a light cardigan, a cardigan or a chic blazer.

However, here are a few more tips for your clothes shopping at Orient:

  • Which clothes do you particularly like to wear in your closet?
  • What length of clothes do you feel particularly comfortable with? Long women’s dresses are particularly modern but are reserved for the leisure sector. A midi dress extends over the knees and is often worn as a business dress. Short women’s dresses are particularly suitable for women of smaller body size, as they visually stretch you. But remember that dresses that are too short are not welcome on some occasions.
  • Which materials flatter you? Take a close look at which fabrics were used for the dress. Fashionable dresses with a percentage of eglantine skillfully hug your curves. Soft, flowing fabrics are particularly suitable for hot days and can hide small cushions.
  • Do you like combination classics or unique pieces? Some classics can be worn almost any time of the year and some models only look good in combination with a special pair of shoes and a blazer from your wardrobe. Upgrade simple dresses with the right accessories and underline your individuality.
  • Do you know your figure? Which cuts are most beneficial for you? Ladies with a large belly, bust size and strong thighs look best in flared dresses made of flowing fabrics. Wide straps make shoulders appear narrower, three-quarter sleeves or jackets hide strong upper arms. A women’s dress with a V-neckline sets your cleavage in the limelight and conjures up a narrower waist.
  • How do you best hide your problem areas? Sheath dresses and blouse dresses hide small problem areas in the abdomen and hips thanks to their A-line and therefore fit almost every figure type. Wrap dresses can create a visually narrower waistline. Dark colors have always been considered to flatter the figure, whereas lighter nuances are more likely to apply something. Take a look at our online figure type advisor and discover helpful tips for choosing the right clothes. Here you will find outfit recommendations for different body types.

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