Employee Time Clock Systems: Why it’s One of the Best Ways to Track Employee Attendance?

Employee time clock systems are one of the best ways to track the hours worked by an employee. It not only allows the employer to ensure that they’re paying the right salary but also makes it easier for the employer to decide on the annual leave and the attendance issues. Employees that remain absent tend to be less productive than the ones who are present daily.

Employers can find the reasons why the employees are absent, and they can find out ways to sort out the attendance problems. These systems are beneficial for the working staff because they stay happy and content when they get the right remuneration for the hours that they have worked.

Importance of Employee Attendance:

 The workforce of a company is a precious asset, and they are the ones responsible for maintaining the productivity of the company. By tracking employee attendance through employee time clock systems, employers can find out which employee arrives on time or late or which employee has the highest number of absents. In short, it allows the employer to check the consistency of the staff coming early or late.

Employee Time Clock Systems

Best Ways to Track Employee Attendance:

As far as attendance tracking is concerned, there are various ways to do so. Besides employee time clock systems, there are different other methods to track employee attendance.

Tracking Attendance Through Mobile Attendance System-

It is one of the most common methods of tracking attendance in workplaces. Sometimes, individual employees have to go out of the office premises, and this may be because their jobs demand them to do so. In such cases, it becomes challenging to keep track of them. Here, the Mobile attendance system is one of the most preferred options, and they are integrated with GPS systems through which the time and location of the employee can be collected.

Payroll Integration Systems-

If your employees are required to send a worksheet to record their working hours, it becomes very tedious since you have to go through each of the sheets of the employees thoroughly to calculate the total time that they have worked and the payment that you will have to make.

On the other hand, manual tracking is inaccurate and time-consuming as it can contain incorrect inputs by the employees. This is one of the reasons why payroll systems that integrate with employee time clock systems can be used. In this system, the total payout will get simultaneously calculated with the entire work done by the staff.

Time Clock Systems-

Time clock system is the most common way of tracking attendance. These systems have been used for a very long time. Earlier, it was used as Bundy clocks, and it had a wheel that had to be turned to mark the attendance. Employee time clock systems provide an accurate record on time worked. The modern systems have been upgraded where companies now make use of employee’s biometric profiles. It also helps to eliminate time-theft and proxy attendance. By obtaining the fingerprints or retinal scans, such workplace frauds can be prevented effectively.


Here, we have explained some of the popular ways to keep track of employee attendance. However, what is important here is that the employers need to be very selective while choosing employee time clock systems or any other attendance software. You can find thousands of applications and software for tracking attendance, but all of them are not reliable.

Therefore, it is crucial to look for a system that simplifies the process of capturing time inputs. Software that streamlines the process provides very precise information. An inconsistent system makes it difficult to keep track, so businesses need to choose a reliable system that works efficiently.

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