Enhance Space and Light with Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are a high value addition to your bedroom décor. They are not only sleek, having a stylish elegance but also offer functionality. You can play up with the designs and find a suitable corner at your home to set it up.

Why Should One Install Mirrored Cabinets?

There are a lot of advantages to installing tall mirrored cabinet in your bedroom or even in other parts of your household.

  • Add up to the aesthetics in a stunning manner: There is absolutely no doubt about it. Glass cabinets look so good.
  • Suits many décor themes: Plain mirrored surfaces go very well with minimalistic themes. The combination of mirrors and wood are classic and warm.
  • Enhanced feeling of space: Strategically placed mirrors can make a space look larger, almost doubling the sense of space.
  • Reflects light: Mirrors in a room reflect the available light making the rooms appear well lit.
  • Can be used as a dresser: Mirrored cabinets can well be used as a dresser so that you can check how you are looking in a particular outfit or accessory.

Taking Care of Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets require a lot of care to prevent breakages. Mirrors are very easily breakable, and any sudden or sharp bump can result in a crack on the surface. This would require a complete replacement of the mirror. The mirrored surfaces also tend to show up fingerprints and dust quite easily. Clean your mirrors frequently to make them keep looking good.

Types of Mirrored Wardrobe Design Ideas

To set up your bedroom décor, these glass cabinet design ideas will be helpful

  1. Sliding Shutter Mirror Cabinet

    The sliding shutters in these cabinets combine the woody warmth with mirrored panel inserts. You get the best of both these finishes combined into one in this product.

  2. Mirrored Cabinet with Aluminium Frame

    In these cabinets, the mirrored shutters consist of large, horizontal rectangles with sleek, yet robust aluminium frames.

  3. Double-Door Mirrored Cabinet

    As the name rightly suggests, the double-door cabinets have two doors, one is mirrored, and the other one made with wood. This gives the cabinet a completely different look. One can also set up three-door units, one mirrored, and two wood-finished shutters.

  4. Sleek White Acrylic Panelled Mirror Cabinet

    This is a great way to use a mirror on your wardrobe shutters. In the shutters, tall mirrored panels are sandwich-ed between white acrylic panels. These are frameless, highlighting the verticality of the cabinet design.

  5. Parallel Mirrored Cabinet

    A walk-through cabinet space can have mirrored cabinet on both the sides. The reflecting surfaces that stand parallelly makes it possible for you to have a 360-degree look at your outfit, so that you make sure to look the best before stepping out.

  6. Mirror Shutter Walk-In Cabinet

    This gorgeous kind of cabinet talks in and out of luxury. The cabinets that are enclosed by mirrored shutter reflect the open shelves that are situated right across the mirrors. These mirrors enhance the space of the cabinets visually, make it appear brighter and spacious.

  7. Cabinet with Dressing Table

    A part of this cabinet is convert-ed into a built-in dresser unit, with mirrors and drawers to store your essentials. Mirrors are definitely one of the most interior-friendly solutions. In a combination of non-mirrored furniture, the mirrored cabinets can create a fantastic contrast. If you prefer to stick to minimalist yet traditional decorative designs, you can go for mirrored wooden cabinets.

Mirrors are bright and they create a light, modern and stylish atmosphere in any room. A room that gets ample sunlight naturally, mirrored cabinet will look stunning. If you are willing to buy glass display cabinets or any sort of other mirrored cabinets, browse through Glass Cabinets Direct.

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