Everything you need to know about Carbon Fibre Machining

The process of machining carbon fibre is now a common practice. Automotive industries and the aerospace industry are following the process to efficiently utilize carbon fibres. There is no denying the fact that the material used is highly durable. There are a few more reasons as to why carbon fibres are popularly used. The material has a lightweight composition, has longevity, and doesn’t corrode. Hence, it has varied uses in several industries.

Carbon fibres are ideally utilized as a material for mechanical training. Industry experts must know everything about carbon fibres so that they can make the most out of it. Know everything about machining carbon fibre sheets​ so that you can gauge the benefits and its potential​ use. Read on to know a few specific challenges faced and the knowledge that you should comprehend about this material and its functions.

Carbon Fiber Machining

Practical Application of a few composite materials such as carbon fibres are growing substantially. Hence, it has become significant for the industries to produce carbon fibre more. The practice has become quite common nowadays.

Working with carbon fibre is different from that of other materials. Machining of this material requires more flexibility. It is a handmade composite, and therefore varied solutions are encountered as far as milling, tooling, cutting and drilling are concerned. When working with carbon fibres, it is crucial to pay attention to minute details. Since it is a handmade product, it is important to handle carbon fibre with great expertise so that unique challenges faced during the cutting and milling process are addressed skillfully.


The process of cutting carbon fibre is abrasive. It is crucial for the team to regularly monitor the machines involved so that degradation in cut quality is easily avoided. There are varied kinds of cutters available that differ in shapes and types to choose from. You can decide which one to choose based on the requirement of machining carbon fibres.

For cutting carbon fibres, cutters are available that are manufactured using either carbide or polycrystalline diamond(PCD). PCD is commonly used, and is wear-resistant as well, but they are more expensive than the other choice.

You can also consider Water Jets as an option to cut carbon fibres, it also helps in the regulation of heat generated while cutting.


Generally, the process of milling carbon fibre requires routing. They are also often milled with the machining methods of the standard metal. To ensure the process of milling carbon fibre is carried out effectively, it is recommended to use the combination of lower feed rates, and higher spindle speeds. Feed rates when adjusted help to minimize the generation of heat. Lower heat assures that carbon fibre is not damaged.

If you require a quick feed rate, but are not allowed to use a coolant, then to handle the heat, you can choose to control the tool path and the tool. You may also require special tooling if you are looking to minimize fractures within the composite tool.


When you try carbon fibre machining, you will know that doing it with a drill is a challenging task as compared to milling the material. Conductive dust is produced during the process that can infiltrate or can also cause the electronics to short out. The dust can also irritate your skin, hence, it is crucial to wear proper protection stuff during the process. Wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself from the dust.

You should also know that the amount of dust generated depends on the speed at which drilling is done. While machining, you can avoid delamination and splintering the layers of material by utilizing special drill bits. You can also contain dust with another popular method of using waterjet carbon fibre cutting machines. By using this machine, the particles will get trapped in water, and will not get dispersed.

Carbon Fibre Application Fields

Application of the composite material fibre is in varied fields. A lot of industries are using the materials in several ways to obtain the maximum benefits. A few examples of industries successfully utilizing the material include aerospace, car racing sport, RC model making, etc. The reinforced plastic carbon fibre is pervaded filaments that are parallelly arranged in epoxy resin. It is due to the arrangement of the filaments, that the hardened resin gets highly stiff even at a little weight.

Industries are utilizing carbon fibre in several areas where it is required to use light construction material. This is because it has an excellent strength to weight ratio and the composite material is highly stiff. The automobile industry obtains maximum benefits if utilizing this material for the production of racing cars and aeroplanes. By using this material, racing cars and aeroplanes are effectively made faster and lighter. Additionally, it can resist the impact of collisions.

Producing Carbon Fibre Parts that are Functional

The carbon fibre panel​ parts that have crucial uses in the entire construction process​ ahould be cut out so that it accurately fits. Due to the expensive manufacturing procedure, carbon sheets available are much higher in cost. You should watch for wrong milling and cuts, moreover, such cases should be exceptional. By doing so, you will end up getting much cleaner cut out edges rather than using a pad saw.

Carbons are applied in several fields and it is used as an alternative to some metals such as aluminium. One of the most important reasons for its utilization is that they are lightweight, and have great durability. Being a composite, carbon has varied usage in industrial automation, drones, robotics, tooling, aerospace, etc.

Final Thoughts

You must be wondering that the process of carbon fibre machining is tough. It may sound complex at the first impression, but know that it is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to pay close attention to the details of the entire process so that everything is carried out effectively. When things go as imposed, you can attain your goals. It is critical to understand the basics so that it is machined according to the rigid tolerance that is required for material testing with no issues faced.

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