Everything You Need to Know About Office Moving

Perhaps your current office location isn’t just working out for you anymore, and for one reason or the other, you want to leave, and you’re thinking of another office space, which is exciting, but quite challenging. The key elements needed when moving away from an office space, include meticulous planning and detailed organising that should commence several weeks or even months ahead.

It’s not going to be entirely possible to cover every minuscule detail involved in office moving, but this article is written to facilitate guidance, that would ensure a smooth sailing office move. This is a simple checklist to remind you about the important considerations to remember before you hire man and van in London.

Finding a New Space

This is the incipience of the whole move. In the search for new office space, it’s going to be tempting to choose a top floor, with sprawling floor-to-ceiling windows that have gorgeous, eye-catching views of the best parts of central London. Careful though. Stay disciplined and within your budget. Apart from the tenancy agreement, terms and conditions, and type of office, other practical considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Office and neighbourhood security
  • Parking
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Transportation links
  • Male and female restrooms
  • Futuristic expanding and downsizing abilities
  • Easy kitchen access

Your business type will also be the determinant of other factors such as how suitable the new location would be for visiting clients and how staff members will be affected by the move. When considering or designing the outlook, a balance must be exhibited. If it’s too fancy and extravagant, clients may wonder how much of their money has been infused into it. If it’s too shabby, it will be unprofessional and highly unappealing to clients.

What you Should do Two Months Before The Move

Organise, organise, organise. This cannot be overemphasised. First off, inform your staff about the move, and what they would need to do if any responsibilities apply to them. Then obtain a floor plan of the area, and Implement your designs on how you want the workspace to turn out. Draw up an inventory, for all items that will be moved and where they would all fit into the new space. Create a simple office guideline and let it be detailed in terms of layouts and dimensions. Every member should have a copy so that everyone is on board and knows what their roles are and how to carry them out.

Don’t forget the mover. Designate all responsibility to the person with top responsibility, by creating a spreadsheet moving office template and put in everything that must be carried out before the final day.

At Six Weeks To Go

Make research, then find and book a professional office removal company that fits your company size perfectly. Although many office removers offer a full packing service as part of their benefits, you can save precious time and costs by packing up as much as you can and helping out on move day. By this time, you should have determined how much of an active role your business intends to play in the move itself. Make sure the removal company understands everything. From the assistance your office would render to the exact location of every single thing.

At Five Weeks To Go

Any staff who possesses the required knowledge to shut down or set up the office network, should do so, or hire an external IT provider to carry out the job. All delicate items should be sufficiently protected. Ensure that there is adequate packaging, high-quality removal boxes and ample bubble wrap available.

At Four weeks To Go

Be sure that all members of staff have the necessary backups of important files. Draw up a list of everyone you need to send notifications to — clients, banks, utility companies, service providers etc. Order new business stationery and inform the post office.

At Three Weeks To Go

Remove wall fixtures that are also being moved, distinguish between objects that will be moved and those that wouldn’t for the mover’s company, pack up files, and all other bits and pieces, and ensure everything is colour-coded and marked.

At Two Weeks To Go

Confirm that all the office packing is done and only important items being used up until moving day should remain. Internet connection should be a top priority at the new working space. It should be working properly, so that work can take off immediately everyone has settled in. Book parking space in advance for the removal vehicles, so they have access to corridors, lifts, and loading areas.

Last-Minute Checks

  • Do a thorough cleanup
  • Empty cabinets, desks, and drawers. Ensure they are taped shut.
  • Colour-code and label everything
  • All built-in wall items should be removed
  • Update website contact details
  • Label all computer cables and hardware with numbers, for easy reconnection.
  • Package computers with extra care and extra material
  • Pack all cables neatly and separately
  • Let specific staff members look after the computers because they are valuable assets

On Moving Day

  • Dress comfortably and ensure every staff member does the same. Let refreshments be available for all office staff and movers. Give last-minute briefings to the staff
  • Welcome the movers at the entrance, let them be given last-minute briefings as well, and they should also have floor plan copies. Let them also have all the access they need, such as lift locks, keys to corridor doors etc.


Put in all delicate items including computers last, so that they are the first to be removed at the new site.


Office moving is, no doubt, a stressful experience. But when meticulous planning is involved, and everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, and they all carry out their tasks effectively, then everything will be fully implemented before you know it.

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