Few Tips to Decorate Living Room

Living room is the most important place in any home place where the guests, friends or whole family spends time together and have fun.  So decorating your living room is also very important to become quite attractive and impressive and reflect your own impeccable interior style. There are certain ways to decorate living room from selecting furniture to placing other accessories and lightening options. Here are the few tips that will help to decorate your living area in stylish way.

 Choose Perfect Wall Colours

Selection of wall colours is the initial requirement of designing the room as the whole presentation depends on it, so it should be chosen wisely.  Light and neutral colours can be a perfect choice for living area cause with these colours your room will give you the flexibility with design, feel larger and also seems full of light.

Select and Place Furniture

Choosing perfect furniture and other decoration accessories is another challenge. Keep your decided wall colours and room size in mind while you are going to select the furniture for your room. So all of the furniture item will perfectly match to your room and get it’s own place there. Try to keep your Sofa floating away from walls it will make room feel larger. It is also suggested to keep your sofa and chair in U shape or H-shape it will allow discussions easy,

 Curtains and Blinds Selection

Curtains and blinds also should match the room interior and wall colours. They should be in contrast and should be functional and elegant as well as should protect your furniture and other accessories from harmful UV rays and dust. Avoid to take heavy outdated drapes for windows instead choose the curtains and blinds in evergreen designs that compliments your room.

Selection of Rugs and Carpets

Selection of rugs and carpets should be done wisely you should not choose too small or too big rugs for your sitting area. Make sure that front two legs of the sofa and chairs should not be rest on rug. Colours of rugs and carpet should also compliment the furniture.

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Lightning Options

There a lots of stylish lightning options available in the market that will compliment your room.  You should choose and place the lights in way that every corner of room will be lighten and no darkness will remain. Placing a canister uplight or a torchiere in the corner can give a glow to ceiling and feel the room larger.

Place Indoor Plants

 You can also place some indoor plants in your living room but make sure that you will not place too many plant, keep them limited for the free space. Hanging small plants on wall is another great option. Put little big plant besides the sofa or in room’s corner.

Decoration Accessories

Choose decoration accessories for your living room very wisely and keep the space to place them in mind while buying the things to decorate your room. You can also create wooden showcase around the TV cabinet in which you can place few trophies, small flower pots, sculpture etc… You can also place some art work on empty walls.

Hope these tips will help you to decorate your living room so you can enjoy most with your loved ones.

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