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In throat cancer, abnormal cells multiply themselves and become uncontrollable in the body. They are structured into malignant growth that is known as tumors. Throat cancer is often the cancer of the thyroid gland, windpipe, and gullet. The Throat cancer doctor in Jaipur do not term it throat cancer but head and neck cancer. Throat cancer mostly happens the people who are above 50 and most likely occurs in men.

Various Types of Throat Cancer and its Treatment by the Throat Cancer Doctor in Jaipur

The throat cancer doctor in Jaipur will treat cancer after knowing which type of throat cancer it is. The standard type of throat cancer that is mainly found in people is squamous cell carcinoma that the cells lining the throat are known as flat cells. The 2 primary category of throat cancer includes:-

Laryngeal Cancer

In the larynx, these cancer cells are developed. The larynx is also known as the voice box—the larynx cancer cells developed in the Hypolarynx, Subglottis, Glottis, and Supraglottis.

Pharyngeal Cancer

In the pharynx, these cancer cells are develop. It is a vacant tube that goes from behind the nose towards the top of the windpipe. The pharynx cancer cells developed in the throat are Hypopharynx cancer, oropharynx cancer, and Nasopharynx cancer.

Symptoms of Throat Cancer

Take an appointment with the throat cancer doctor in Jaipur if you have any of the below-given symptoms. Symptoms that occur in the throat after the throat cancer are:-

  • Lymph nodes swelling in the neck.
  • Change in voice
  • Loss of weight
  • Tenacious cough 
  • Continous need of clearing the throat
  • Sore throat
  • Trouble in swallowing
  • Hoarseness
  • Ear pain
  • Wheezing
  • Painless mass in the neck
  • Hearing loss
  • Facial paralysis or numbness
  • Loose teeth, sore gums, teeth pain

Cause of Throat Cancer

The causes of throat cancer depend on the type of throat cancer, but some risks are there that can increase the risk development of laryngeal and oropharyngeal cancer:-

  • Habits of oral hygiene
  • Mainly these cancer develops after 50
  • Overweight of the body
  • Having particular types of human papillomavirus
  • Having dyskeratosis congenital or Fanconi anemia that is an inherited genetic syndrome.
  • Chewing of gutka and betel quid in oropharyngeal cancer case
  • Exposure to asbestos in laryngeal cancer case
  • Low on vegetables and fruits diet
  • Alcohol consumption at a high level
  • smoking

People who smoke and consume alcohol have more chances of developing oropharyngeal cancer than those who don’t do smoking or drink. There are more chances in males to develop laryngeal and oropharyngeal than in females. 

How to Prevent Throat Cancer?

You cannot always prevent throat cancer, but you can lessen down the risk of it:-

  • Involve yourself in regular physical activities
  • Eat a diet that is rich in nutrients like green vegetables and fruits.
  • Detect your intake of alcohol
  • Quit or avoid smoking and the use of tobacco
  • Consult the throat cancer doctor in Jaipur to get an HPV vaccine to lessen the risk of oral HPV infection.

According to the throat cancer doctors in Jaipur, the combination of smoking and alcohol will be the most significant risk factor of having throat cancer. If you want to prevent throat cancer, you have to limit your alcohol and avoid smoking.

How the Throat Cancer Doctor in Jaipur Treats Throat Cancer

Which type of treatment the patient needed depends on the size, location, cancer type, growth rate of cancer, and patient’s general health. The treatment combination is decide after the doctor knows the exact location of the cancer. If you have relatively obvious throat cancer symptoms, get diagnosed quickly so that throat cancer can be detected at the starting stage. The throat cancer doctor in Jaipur takes various tests of the patients to diagnose or find out cancer. The tests were also performed to know whether cancer spread in other parts of the body or its starting area. This is call metastasis. For instance, if the cancer is spread, imaging test shows it in the picture of the inside body. The test also helps throat cancer doctors in finding out the best treatment to do.

The throat cancer doctor in Jaipur suggests the 3 main treatments for throat cancer are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. Additionally, Surgery, radiation therapy, or both in combination are use mainly for primary treatment to kill cancer. Chemotherapy is use for additional treatment. Generally, if the cancer is in starting stage, doctors can use only one treatment, either surgery or radiation therapy.

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