Fireplaces: The Best Way to Make Your Living Space Pleasing

Any home improvement project should bring the very best out of the living space. Fireplaces are one such addition, which can add class and aesthetic appeal to your living space. The wood fireplace creates a mental picture of a small extension in the living room wall with wood crackling and giving out steady heat and family huddled around it conjuring stories and having fun family time.

This is a pretty picture to make and is easy to bring it out live in your own home. How? It is simple – by installing a fireplace. With the advancement in technology and science, there are now several options available for installing a fireplace. This is a simple way to beat winter blues and create warmth and luxury in the house.

Imagine the warm feeling of flickering flames always present whenever you need them with a fireplace acting as a perfect focal point of the living room.What more can make the home more aesthetically pleasing! You can go through all the dos and don’ts of living room designing to avoid any mistake.Now, there are several options in fireplaces to adorn your home as you feel fit. Here is the list of all the options you have:

Fireplaces are widely divided into 4 types based on the type of fuel used for generating heat:

  1. Wood fireplace
  2. Gas fireplace
  3. Ethanol fireplace
  4. Electric fireplace
  1. Wood Fireplace:

    Wooden fireplaces are the most traditional ones. These have been warming homes since ancient times and still are as efficient as ever. The best part about these fireplaces is that it gives the complete feel and cosiness of a typical fireplace with the sound of crackling of burning woods soothing your ears. The fuel for a wood fireplace is wood, and so it is a lot cheaper than other fuel parts. But the drawback is that you need a lot of construction work for these fireplaces. You need a chimney built along with it. There is also a lot of maintenance work needed. There are 4 types of wood-burning fireplaces you can choose from:

    • Traditional open-hearth wood fireplace – Traditional and the most preferred type made of bricks or stone.
    • Enclosed fireplace – A fireplace with a large glass panel to prevent escaping of the heat from the chimney and increasing the efficiency.
    • Fireplace inserts – Inserts are made to be fitted into existing fireplaces.
    • Wood burning stove fireplace – A mobile kind of a fireplace enabling you to move it around the home conveniently.
  2. Gas Fireplace:

    This type of fireplaces does not offer feel and ambience similar to that given by wood fireplaces but they give a clean fire. That is the fire of a gas fireplace is a blue flame which has a higher temperature and can prevent you from inhaling the harmful soot. There is not smoky flame to blacken the surrounding walls. Another plus point is that it requires less cost and less reconstruction work for installation. In short, it is a way to get more efficient heating at a lower cost. There are even fireplaces available that can directly be fixed into a vent in the house. Gas fireplaces do not require a chimney.

  3. Ethanol Fireplaces:

    This is a modern innovation in fireplaces. It is preferred by people who have small spaces and still want a fireplace- like feel. Its top features are ease in installation and a compact design. Such fireplaces fit within your budget easily and are even preferable for small enclosed spaces. This makes it a most preferred choice for homeowner dealing with small living room space. It is better to have such option in hand, as fireplaces can reach everyone.

  4. Electric fireplaces:

    This is another type of fireplace that belongs to the cost-effective and compact heating solution category. It is considered to be the best choice for a fireplace as there can be sound effects installed along with these to give a wooden fireplace like feel. Also, you can turn down the heating and yet maintain the fireplace ambience. Above all, an electric fireplace is completely pollution free and thus is a green heating solution.

 Final Thoughts:

Any home improvement project needs micromanagement. The above-mentioned description oftypes of fireplaces will give you a breather while planning things. You can decide which one suits you the most. You should also seek the advice of experts as they can guide you well.

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