Five Best Remodeling Tips To Follow For Updating A Small Bathroom

Do you want to increase the resale value or your home? Or it is just that you are bored of the old look and want to bring some improvements in the design, no matter what are your intentions, a well-planned home remodeling project renews your interest in your home. You can bring lots of changes in your home and make every room of it more functional.

Many homeowners when short of budget, only plan for an affordable kitchen remodeling project and consider bringing changes in their kitchen to avoid all the extra expenditure. However, if you are living in a small home, and tired of using that old small bathroom, we would recommend you to go for bathroom remodeling because it ends up into being a place that is so cramped with the stuff all around. Most of the home remodeling experts agree remodeling a small bathroom is way easier and economical than remodeling a full-fledged kitchen. The fact is a small bathroom is often one-third of the size of an average kitchen. Let’s dig into the world of best remodeling ideas for your small bathroom.

Plan A New Layout

Before you start, you have to plan a new layout for your bathroom. The previous builder who designed the bathroom might have designed it in a way that is convenient for the recurrent plumbing needs but not for the living. Now, you have to plan a layout that is both convenient for plumbing and living both. You would need a graph paper for this where you can draw the whole design. Re-routing the plumbing fixtures is always a good idea. If there is a vanity or bathtub, consider swapping their places and you will get lots of space.

Choose New Flooring Wisely

No matter how small is the place justify for your bathroom flooring, you should never overlook its functionality. You can still think of ways to convert that small patch into something attractive and functional. There are some flooring types, that make a small bathroom look even more congested. Just don’t use wide planks or larger floor tiles. Going with the small tiles is always a better idea. You can either choose vintage-inspired penny tiles, penny tiles in cork, or small scale basket weave in marble.

Make One Focal Point

Your residential bathroom remodeling service provider would also inform you that adding dramatic features in a small bathroom is never a good idea. It indeed is one of the biggest mistakes. You must think of choosing one focal point in your bathroom as it works perfectly. For instance, you can use a bold mirror in one corner of the room and make it look stupendous. If the sink is your focal point, other than adding a mirror, you can also think of giving it a beautiful backdrop with metallic tiles from ceiling to floor.

Add New Fixtures

For small bathrooms, space is a real issue. When you have already focused on the sink and its surrounding area too much, you must not think of adding more grand features in the bathroom. In bathroom remodeling, you can bring a unique change by updating all the fixtures and faucets. When changing faucets and other light fixtures, make sure that you choose the small ones because it is the specific quality of large fixtures that they make a small washroom look bigger. So, if everything you chose to install in the bathroom is big, it will look odd.

Paint It In Light Colors

When it comes to painting the room, make sure that you keep the wall of the bathroom light in color. Dark colors and contrasting hues will make your small bathroom look more congested. If you do not want to go for neutral colors, there are more trendy options available like icy blue, seafoam green, butter yellow, warm white a more.

Bottom Line!

For tiny bathrooms, it is always ideal to give them a minimalistic look because when you focus less on ornamentation and more on open space, it does not look tiny and congested.

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