Five Recommend Logo Makers to Create Your Logo with One-click

Are you looking for how to make a logo? This article will introduce 5 logo making tools. From now on, the logo making will no longer ask for help in designing.

Why do blogs and websites need a logo?

If you want to make a personal brand, blog, company, studio, then you would need a logo. A good logo can help viewers start to have an impression of your brand. This is why your brand needs a logo.

For the creation of the logo,  the first idea of most people is to pay for a designer to get your own one.

Here are the most common 3 ways you can make a logo:

Find a graphic designer: An experienced graphic designer can help you design a unique logo that fits your brand concept. But for the average, the biggest problem is the cost.

Do it yourself: We can also draw on our own imagination of our own logo, and do it on the computer. The premise is that you must have some knowledge and skills in design.

Logo making tool: Thanks to the logo making tool, we can automatically generate a logo with just one click. No other tools are needed at all, just the online logo making tools.

Why should you use an online logo maker?

You are building a new website, but you don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer.

You don’t have the design experience or software to design your own logo.

You are looking for inspiration and ideas for logo design.

Recommend 5 online logo making tools


DesignEvo is a tool that can create logos on multiple devices. You can create web versions, Mac App, iPhone App, and Android App.

DesignEvo does not provide AI generation so that you can choose the template style you like. Instead, the way they make it is to offer more than 10,000 logo styles for you to choose, and then modify whatever you want to modify.

After actually using DesignEvo, I think its user interface is straightforward for ordinary people to use, but another less worrying thing is the patterns it provides. In fact, you can get it how it works at a glance.

Therefore, the logo produced by DesignEvo is indeed relatively simple. If you want a high-quality and unique logo, DesignEvo may not be the best choice, but it is an easy-to-use tool.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix itself is a website building tool, but it also provides an online logo production tool. Although it was born as a website, its logo creation tool is really good.

Wix Logo Maker is made by letting you enter the logo name and then choose the style you like. Using artificial computer intelligence to automatically generate many different logos with your brand name for you to choose, and you can adjust the details yourself.

There are two ways to charge their logo. One is to use the Wix website together and will give you a 1-year free domain. The other is to buy a logo only simply.


Squarespace logo maker is a great logo maker. It does not have any logo templates or AI preferences for you. The icons and symbols are provided by the Noun Project. Such as Looka & Wix Logo Maker all use this pattern library.

The editor of Squardapce Logo Maker is fundamental. You can’t resize the text and the size of the pattern. But such a simple way of making a logo is also its advantage, and it can create a primary and pretty good logo very quickly.


Looka is an AI computer intelligence to judge your preference for Logo to generate your own Logo. The most basic thing is to let you choose 5 logo styles and 3 colors you like.

Although the logos produced by Looka’s Logo Maker are pretty good and have their own characteristics, but prices are not cheap.

What you would like most about Looka is that the logo designs it generates are very beautiful, so when you select the logo that it automatically designed for us, you will find that you don’t even need to modify it in the future.

In addition, Looka provides a social media toolkit that contains more than 40 Logo files. These different versions of Logo files are completely suitable for use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms.

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