Fossil GEN 5 review-A gadget that everyone need to buy

Google’s Wear OS watches have a difficult rivalry with upcoming alternatives with the progress of technology, but some people are still searching for prestige along with trendy looks and decent results. It’s for a new Gen 5 fossil.

It’s a nice idea to get a Carlyle stainless steel Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch or fitness tracker. The expense of Fossil GEN 5 is $300, which is well within a respectable budget.


By the way, the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch looks like a traditional watch, as it adds a stylish and masculine look to this Fossil Gen 5 touchscreen smartwatch. It is available in different color variants like Rose Gold, Smooth Black, and more.

Not only that, you can wear it while doing gym, but you can wear it to suit or casual. It looks great on a variety of getups and gives a delicate look.

After reviewing the style of this Carlyle Zen 5 touch screen smartwatch. There is also a ‘Juliana’ version of women that does not differ in size and functionality.

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display with 328 PPI pixel density, 3 ATM water-resistant technology, and a 22mm wristband.

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch comes with 3 types of functional buttons on the right side. The middle button is slightly larger compared to a rotating crown and the other two buttons to facilitate scrolling through multiple options/lists. While the other two buttons launch apps to our liking, unfortunately, Google Play cannot customize the double press button that opens by default.

Fossil GEN 5 Software:

The bitter truth is that Android-compatible smartwatches only support Google Wear OS to keep Samsung as an exception. Google’s Wear OS works well in terms of functionality but disappoints the user when they experience the app. Samsung Tizen has a problem with a third-party app, but it is better than Google and secondly, it also offers a first-party app experience.

If your main goal is fitness or integration with third-party apps, then it might be a good idea to have a Samsung Galaxy Watch or Apple’s Smartwatch.

Wear OS is limited to apps like Spotify, Google Maps, Strava, or Uber. But there are limitations in terms of options. The application store of the Wear OS is redundant and less than Apple.

Fossil Gen 5 with Wear OS is better if it has some aesthetic, navigational, or functional preferences than Samsung’s smartwatch and Tizen OS.

To replace it with battery backup, the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch comes with battery-saving mode without killing many important functions that are daily, extended and convenient. Also, it offers a two year extended warranty.


This fossil Gen 5 smartwatch has basic features/apps like an alarm clock, stopwatch, google fit, activity tracker, weather app, and some other default apps. All are working well but the alarm clock is not working well as there are some minor exceptions.

Nowadays, as we care more about our health, it comes with a Google Fit app that tracks fitness, calorie intake tracker, heart rate tracker, and GPS, which helps people to exercise. Contains ongoing activity and data on its digital screen. But some features such as a sleep tracker are not present at the same time. But, although it is a very less accurate calculation, it works moderately with these features.

Google Assistant is another app that supports the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch, which also increases one’s satisfaction. It helps to translate one language into another, setting reminders without missing important meetings and events. It will also help you find the answers you want. It’s similar to other devices that support Google Assistant, but at the same time, it’s not as sharp in performance.

The smartwatch has its wearable OS gear that supports phone calls by tethering to Apple’s iPhones. Even for taking calls, this device works well at the right distance. It is only necessary to keep the device near your ears.

One con using this device has a connectivity problem with my Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone 11 Pro handsets. Many times it does not alert me to the notification I later find out about looking at my phone. It shows me that my phone has been disconnected for a while after being connected. But when tested on other devices, I found no problems. If anyone finds the same problem, you can connect with il fossil support.

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