Furniture Moving – 6 Simple Ways

Moving to a new house can be a stressful task for anyone. It becomes more challenging if you live in a big house where you have accumulated so many items. Moving small things are easy because they are easy to pack and transport from one place to another. But the most stressful task is moving your furniture without any damage as the furniture is bulky.

People often try to move their belongings by themselves or with the help of a friend or neighbour. But some people take help from the professional removalists in Knoxfield. These removalists know their job very well and help to move your heavy furniture easily. They are well trained and know the right techniques to move even the larger and heavyweight furniture.

But if you have confidence, you can move all your heavy and bulky furniture by yourself so it isn’t always necessary to hire a furniture removalist. By learning some good organization skills and preparation, you can also make relocation of your furniture without any hassles.

Below are the top six ways that help you to move your furniture by yourself:

  • Measuring is necessary:

Before moving your furniture, make sure that you get the dimensions of each piece of your furniture so that you will have an idea that they will fit through the doorways. If you start moving your furniture without measuring it, you will end up wasting your time because you will be there only from where you’ve started. Without measurements, you have no idea that your furniture will pass through that doorway or not.

  • Disassemble your furniture in advance:

For making your furniture moving process easier for you, make sure you remove the legs of couches and table out and put frames apart. It is better to remove all the attached parts if it can be removed. This disassembling will make the furniture lighter so that you will easily carry it without any damage. This process will save a lot of time and energy during moving.

  • Cover the corners:

To avoid any scratches and scrapes on the walls, cover each furniture item and their sharp corners with plastic wrap. It will also protect your furniture from any damage. You can also use painter’s tape to attach cardboards to your walls. In this way, you will not take the paint with you when you pull them down.

  • Slide without damaging

Place rugs, plastic bags, towels, or furniture pads under each furniture item before pulling or pushing it. In this way, you can easily slide the furniture without causing any damage to the floor or carpet. It is suggested to push the items rather than pulling it because pushing takes less effort than pulling so that you will not waste your energy.

  • Use the right tools for moving furniture

You will definitely need the right equipment and tools before lifting heavy furniture by yourself. Grab a set of dollies, gliders, sliders, lifting straps, and stair rollers to easily move large and heavy items. All you need to know how to use these tools, and these tools will be a great help for you in moving.

  • Hire the professionals

If you think that doing all these chores by yourselves is a big task, then it’s time to take help from professionals. Instead of doing all the moving and packing tasks yourself, you can rely on trustworthy removalists. The team members will help you to move your items with utmost safety, and they will also help in packing and unpacking of your valuable belongings. Rather than taking all the stress, you can have your peace of mind by hiring a furniture removal company.

Final Words

Moving is always challenging, especially when you do it by yourself. Moving all your items by yourself will give you a lot of responsibilities for your household items.

Moving all those large and heavy furniture will not be easy, and it’s better to hire a removalist in Knoxfield. If you don’t know the right techniques to use the tools, it will increase the risk of damaging your furniture unnecessarily.

On the other hand, hiring Melbourne removalists is beneficial because they are trained and know the right techniques to move your furniture safely. To make your moving process more comfortable, it is always a smart choice to hire a furniture removal company.

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