Get Lucky Today! Avail 5 Benefits by Building A U-Shaped Kitchen

Homeowners always look for an exceptional kitchen design that is smart as well as functional. One that has received a lot of optimistic boxes is a u-shaped layout. No doubt, the size of the kitchen will influence the suitability of this design. But the best part of it is that it renders three sides, which makes it more attractive.

Many think that it can look perfect only in large areas, but the hidden fact is it can work well in small kitchens too. Well, there are more advantages to this kitchen design, which we’ll reveal in this blog. So, pay heed.

Advantages of U-Shaped Kitchen

  1. They are efficient than other designs

    With this design, you can often turn on one toe as you whirl around from the refrigerator to sink to the cooktop. You can place all of these elements strategically as if they are at corners of a triangle, letting two to three people work in your kitchen at one time.

    The design is known as the most efficient kitchen floor plan as it is a tight working triangle, separating the work area.

  2. They make cooking comfortable

    Another advantage of building a u-shaped kitchen is they allow people to move around the space comfortably. It is generally handy for joint-family homes, where you need to prepare a lot of food. In addition to this, you can include large stoves and double-bowled sinks to make your kitchen look functional.

    Even you can place other smart kitchen appliances too. Moreover, if you want to maximise the space, then ensure benches are free from clutter by keeping kitchen equipment in cabinets.

  3. They add more storage

    Many homeowners crave for storage in their kitchen. Well, this design will fulfil all your desires related to storage. Furthermore, by designing a u-shaped kitchen with peninsula or island counters, you can extend the storage space in your kitchen. Additionally, you’ll feel lucky with the under-counter storage along with the cabinets.

    The time also calls for plenty of storage in the kitchen. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced people to store lots of eateries in the kitchen space to visit stores at minimal.

    Tip: As the u-shaped kitchen has two to three corners, it becomes tough to reach to the back of the corner cabinet. Therefore, consider installing carousel cabinets in such areas.

  4. They allow to design islands easily

    You can even add a bonus feature to your kitchen – island. It will render you more space and storage, making it look more aesthetic. This layout makes it much easy to incorporate either a kitchen island or a breakfast bar. The centre of the kitchen or the fourth side of the floor plan would look ideal.

    Many people are under the impression that kitchen islands are only suitable for large kitchens, but that’s not the case. It’s easy to find a small u-shaped design with an island, even for little homes.

  5. They are versatile in every way

    It comes with a wide range of opportunities for those who love to design and decorate their kitchens. Whether you want to play with the placement of appliances or experiment with colour combinations, this design would offer flexibility.

    You can either use a different shade for under-cabinets and wall cabinets or pick the same one; both will look awesome. Additionally, picking up an innovative design for your breakfast bar would become easy.

Which material would look best for the countertop?

No doubt, your kitchen would look best with a u-shaped design, but have you decided on the material of the countertop? If you’re nodding your head, saying no, then don’t forget that this task is not that easy. There are lots of options available in the market, which includes marble, granite, quartz, and more. Each material has some of the other pros and cons.

In case you want to have a marble-type look with more characteristics than marble, then consider dolomite. Now, you must be wondering what is super-white dolomite. Then let us give you a small introduction of the same. It is a blend of marble and quartz and is hard, denser, and less porous than a typical marble.

So, look up to your needs and lifestyle, and then decide the right material for the countertop to make your kitchen look best with a u-shaped design.

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