Give Your Business an Edge with Hotel Virtual Tours

The advent of technology is becoming increasingly evident in different industries. The hotel industry, for instance, is embracing latest technological innovations to entice more and more customers. One example of this is the hotel virtual tour.

Today, virtual reality is considered as one of the most progressive sectors. It is seen as a vital channel to attract more customers and secure direct bookings. When the concept of VR was first introduced in the gaming industry, it took the entire industry by storm by making the gaming experience more exciting and interactive. Off late, hotels have been leveraging the humongous potential of VR to provide their customers with engaging hotel virtual tours.

Hotel virtual tours offer the guests a 360-degree walkthrough of the hotel’s property. This enables them to view the property and get a feel of the place before booking it. Unlike 2D photographs, viewers of the tour can easily navigate from one area to another as if they are walking in real physical space. Thus, a virtual tour enables the hotels to be completely transparent with the guests and provide them with an interactive viewing experience.

What makes hotel virtual tours so effective?

According to statistics, hotel properties with virtual tours are clicked 10x more than those who don’t. Hotel virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40 percent. Also, about 92 percent of the internet users emphasized on the importance of being able to view a 360-degree panoramic view of the property when they browse online.

Because virtual tours help to obtain a clear picture of the hotel’s offerings, they have now become an expected standard. In fact, a lot of travellers and hotel guests do not book a property if it does not offer a virtual tour on its website.

In essence, hotel virtual tours have become a powerful marketing tool. What makes these tours truly powerful is its ability to provide complete control to the viewers. With these tours, the viewers can check all aspects of the property from every angle they want to. Thus, they can have complete information of the hotel before booking or paying for it.

Another thing that makes virtual tours so effective is its ability to affect the SEO score of your business. With a hotel virtual tour uploaded on your website, your hotel will show up on top of the search engine result pages. This will secure greater visibility.

Increasing hotel bookings through a hotel virtual tour

The main expectations of every customer from a business are simplicity and innovation. A hotel virtual tour is an indication that your hotel is abreast with the latest technological advancements and wants to go the extra mile to service its customers. This helps to increase the website’s traffic and secure more bookings.

Hotel virtual tours not only increase the amount of visitors but also help them to stay on the website for much longer. Besides, it keeps the customers coming back. Thus, these tours help your business to retain the old customers as well as invite new ones.

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