Global Surrogacy Conditions

When we look into the global surrogacy conditions, there are huge variations from one state to another. The USA is a country where the surrogacy market was first established. Still, surrogacy is most widely exercised in the United States and has even doubled since 2004. However, surrogacy trends are neither the same nor legal in every state. Each country has its laws, terms, and conditions about this process and arrangements that help determine the global surrogacy conditions.

To learn about the surrogacy laws and conditions in your state, it is suggested to contact an experienced surrogacy lawyer. This is probably the most important step involved in the journey of surrogacy.


There is a wide variation in surrogacy conditions all around the world. Each country has different laws and regulations about such arrangements. We can see tremendous differences in surrogacy conditions globally. Hence, the global surrogacy conditions are not the same worldwide.

This article contains information about the surrogacy conditions in some states which can help you determine the global surrogacy conditions.


Commercial surrogacy is illegal in the United Kingdom. Surrogacy Arrangements Act, 1985 interdicted commercial surrogacy arrangements. Disregarding financial or contractual concerns of expenses, surrogacy settings are not imposed legally so a surrogate mother has the legitimate right of determination for the child, even if they don’t have any genetic connection. The surrogate mother is considered as the child’s legal mother unless an adoption order or a parental order is made.


Surrogacy is widely exercised in the USA. It is the only state which is both a destination country and a commonplace for global surrogacy arrangements. However, in the USA, there is wide variation in surrogacy laws and regulations among various states with surrogacy banned in Washington DC. It is also almost unregulated in other states. Surrogacy friendly states favor both altruistic and commercial surrogacy agreements.


All jurisdictions in Australia, excluding the Northern Territory, permit altruistic surrogacy but declare commercial surrogacy as a crime. There is no legislation in Northern Territory that governs surrogacy. In Queensland, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory it is a crime to go in for international commercial surrogacy arrangements along with potential penalties expanding to imprisonment for about one year in the Australian Capital Territory.


In Canada, only altruistic surrogacy is legal. Surrogate mothers may be compensated for approved charges but the payment of any other fee is illegitimate. However, Quebec law allows all surrogacy agreements, whether altruistic, commercial, or unenforceable.


UKRAINE is a major global surrogacy destination. It has very liberal laws related to surrogacy. In Ukraine, the surrogacy charges are also very affordable as compared to the USA. Here are more about surrogacy in Ukraine on vientres alquiler ucrania.

Ukraine legalized surrogacy and surrogacy combined with egg/sperm donation in 2002 and it is still legal.  According to Ukrainian surrogacy law, a surrogate mother or the donor doesn’t have any parental rights over the baby and the baby is legally the child of the intended parents. The legislation of the state permits the intended parents to conduct a surrogacy program and as a result of this program, their names are mentioned on the birth certificate of the baby from the beginning.


In Kenya, there are no formal laws related to surrogacy, however, commercial surrogacy is permitted. There are also certain legal protections in the state.


Since 1992, surrogacy together with sperm and ovum donation is legal in Georgia but neither the surrogate mother nor the donor has any parental rights on the child.


All surrogacy arrangements, i.e. both altruistic and commercial surrogacy are legally permitted in Germany. The German Civil Code declares that the birth-giving woman is always the real mother of the child.


Surrogacy is completely legal in Greece. It also provides legal protection to the intended parents. However, the intended parents have to meet some requirements and have to go before a family judge before starting the surrogacy journey.


In Hong Kong, commercial surrogacy is regarded as a crime according to Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance, 2000. It says that a surrogate can not be paid, no surrogate is allowed to receive money and no one has the right to arrange commercial surrogacy, whether inside or outside Hong Kong.


In short, we can say that there are wide variations in countries’ and people’s perspectives about surrogacy. Some consider it good whereas others have completely banned one or all sorts of surrogacy arrangements. Such conflicts result in overall huge variations in global surrogacy conditions. Some states widely practice surrogacy whereas some states declare it as an illegal act. That’s why getting knowledge about global surrogacy conditions is essential for the intended parents as well as the potential surrogates who are deciding to start their journey of surrogacy.

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