Hardwood Flooring Cost in 2020

Hardwood floors add a touch of instant elegance and beauty to your house. In fact, most realtors say that hardwood floors can fasten the process of your house being sold as the value of your house increases. Hardwood floors come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and types each with its own durability and character! Regardless of what you decide to choose, these floors are always to be installed by professionals to ensure the safety and applied techniques of a skilled man. The most important factor that you should keep in mind is to ask your flooring contractor the maximum amount of time your flooring will last. Before a hardwood floor can be installed, there are a few things that need to be kept in checks such as the sub-flooring or removal of old floors. In any case, installation of brand new hardwood flooring can be costly hence read on to find out what factors determine hardwood flooring price!

Types of Wood

There are more than 200 types of wood species however only some are used for wood-based industries such as wooden flooring and furniture. To begin with, the total cost of the installation of wooden flooring at your house will be determined by the type of wood you choose! The most popular types of wood used for hardwood flooring is ‘Maple’. This type of wood is usually affordable for most people as at an average it costs $6 to $10 per square feet. People also prefer this wood type because it is dent resistant and good for high traffic areas.

Next is ‘White Oak’ which is a bit more expensive than the previous wood type. This kind of wood is used mostly in offices as a furnished office is what might impress a client! White Oak costs about $8 on average per square foot and is still a feasible option for most people due to extreme durability and the warm ambiance it creates.

The last and most elite option tops all wood types! It’s as elegant as its name suggests ‘Brazilian Walnut’. This wood type brings in an exotic vibe into your house. On average a square foot of walnut wood costs around $20. As expensive as this sounds, it’s totally worth the money as this is the highest quality available worldwide!

Area Per Square Feet

Another extremely important factor is the area per square foot. As mentioned above Wood is sold in measure of ‘square feet’. Therefore, as large as the room is, the more you’ll be paying for the installation of the hardwood. Installing hardwood flooring averages around $7 to $15 per square foot according to the type of wood you plan on finalizing to add to the aesthetics of your home!

You might find this very surprising if you’re looking to purchase hardwood flooring for the first time, but the labor that you hire from a hardwood flooring company will also charge you according to each square-foot they’ve worked in.


Because hardwood flooring can be severely damaged if the water recedes under the wood, some companies also provide a warranty for the installation. At first, you might think the cost is too much for you to invest in, but always ask if they offer water damage services in case of floods. It is better to be safe than sorry always so look around for a flooring company that offers a warranty with its services!


If you think your flooring needs to be replaced, look for Hardwood Service Near Me in Niles IL! However, If you think purchasing wooden flooring and labor from two different buyers is a smart and cost-effective idea then you’re going in the wrong direction and being misguided! Hardwood Flooring companies have discounted packages for all its customers to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Since wooden flooring is the most talked about thing these days, they also offer complimentary estimates and discounts for ease of all!

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